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We're back up north for a few days.  While it's always nice to get away, this trip is bittersweet.

Sure . . . it's still plenty warm. The leaves haven't started to turn.  The lake is the perfect temperature for swimming.  It's quiet now that the kids are back at school.  Things are very peaceful.    


But change is coming.  The days are shorter.  Acorns are raining from the trees.  It's time . . . to bring the dock in.  And move the pontoon to dry land for the season.  Because the distance between "plenty of time" and "we waited too long" is really short up here.

We enjoyed our last pontoon ride of the season yesterday.  Later today, we'll bring in the dock.  It's time to bid the lake adieu for the summer (although we won't totally close down the cabin for another 6 weeks or so).

I'm a little sad.  Because I like summer -- and I especially like summer on the lake.  But it's time for me to . . . give in.  Let go.  Because fall?  It's nice, too!


How about YOU?  What signifies the true end of summer for you?



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I've lived so long in a place where it is almost ALWAYS summer, that I've never really thought about that question.

This is our first year *up north* and it's still warm and humid here. So even though I think September is the "end of summer", it still FEELS like summer.

Maybe the first time I have to put on a jacket. THEN it will feel like the end of summer.

Enjoy your time at the lake. The view certainly is lovely.


Bringing in the dock and pulling the pontoon boat are sad signs that summer is winding down, but I also imagine that fall itself is really beautiful up north. For me, the end of summer is when the cool, crispness of fall air begins to filter in, humidity has finally departed, I need a blanket on the bed when I sleep with windows open, and I can comfortably wear a Hitchhiker without sweating. None of these things have happened here yet, but hopefully in the next few weeks. Summer is lingering long here.


Pretty picture. Even if you pull the dock in, if the water is still warm, you could hop on your paddle board, right?

September and "back to school" always signal Fall for me...even when the temperatures don't agree (like right now for instance). And, being able to enjoy dinner by candlelight (which we have already done several times thanks to overcast days).

Enjoy your remaining time there!


I'm glad you'll still get to enjoy the lake even without the dock and pontoon boat. But still. Booo.


The end of summer seemed to happen all too quickly this year (despite the hot weather - or maybe because of it?) The end of the garden signifies the end of summer for me... and that happened last week. Things were tired and done producing so the "pulling of the plants" happened. Sigh.


I think putting the socks and shoes on is a pretty significant signal to me! I'm sure the lake is pretty in the fall but so not the same!


so our "lake" is a river, our house is a 33' travel trailer and we have 3 more weekends till our Camp closes for the season. Our Dock comes out this weekend, our boat is tiny, wanting a pontoon but not there yet, and its close up and truly knitting season....Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner...




I’m getting close to my end of summer. September on the coast of Maine can be absolutely perfect. The crowds at the grocery store are smaller and even though there is some foot traffic it’s just us retired folks. Restaurants change their hours as do some of the gift shops and that is a bit sad. Since I retired we spend more time in September up here. When we head back to Ct. for a few weeks summer will be over for me, but... I do love the crisp air and color of fall. I can’t wait to come up this October to close for the winter. The colors around our little place are amazing!


Fresh apples mean the end of summer now days. When I was teaching, the back to school days which came in August meant the end of summer. Now days summer lasts a little longer. I am so ready for hot and humid to give way to cool and crisp. The end of the summer is a little bittersweet.

Kim Sheehan

Yesterday was the end of summer for me--first day of orientation for the new academic year.


Glad you're enjoying every last minute of the season! For me, the end of summer is when I put my jeans and leggings back in regular rotation. Around here, it usually happens sometime in early October.


Ditto Patti and Vicki for!!

kathy b

The season is just too short. What signifies it for me? Hmmmm. Great question.

I prepare certain foods at certain times of the year. I make chili in the fall.
I love all things Halloween and Day of the Dead, so candy in the store aisles in a sign for me.I am not ready to have the hummingbirds leave for the year however......


I'm not letting go! The mornings are cold (I wear a jacket and shoes to walk the dog) and the days are warm (90 yesterday) so it feels like we have both autumn and (a little) summer. But, the days are SO short and getting shorter! That's the part I just can't reconcile. BUT, life is good, so I (try) to keep my complaining to a minimum. :)

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