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Digging Deep

Y'know, there are just times when the Overwhelm comes for a little visit.  When life just feel a little . . . heavy.  When friends are struggling, or life's realities just kind of swamp you, or you have to do this-or-that that you'd really prefer not to.  (When not being signed in when you really ARE signed in and can't leave comments on friends' blogs is your Last Straw  . . . )

That's when I know I need to dig a little deeper.  
Turn things around.
Listen to what's already there . . .  in my heart.


A gratitude list is usually a good place to start . . .

  • the smell of rain in the morning
  • a cool breeze through the open window
  • a cup of coffee
  • dogs at my side
  • an old pair of flip flops that perfectly conform to the shape of my feet

And, suddenly, the day seems brighter.  
It's those simple things, really, that turn away the Overwhelm.  
Digging deeper . . .  opens the path for a fresh new day.  
(Because, really.  How can old flip flops not turn the tide?)

Happy Friday, my friends.  It's going to be a good day.


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Here's to a good & happy Friday!! Have a great weekend, Kym.


I am always grateful to see those delightful sparkles on the water (I think they might be called coruscations?). Whatever the proper name is, enjoy the sparkling lake. Flip flops every day keep the Overwhelm away!


Here's to beating the overwhelm. I'll clink you around 5:30 this evening. Have a wonderful weekend Kym. xo


Yes, it will be a good day and I hope those flip-flops will lead you to a good weekend too!


How opportune this article is for me today. (is it an article or a tidbit or a blog memo?)
I’m going for the coffee and the flip flops to ease my way today.
(Septembers are like this, historically. I need to blast them another way, huh?)
Your ideas are wonderful to realize how okay the day can be, thanks!


Good things to remember. And, taking time to realize what you are thankful/grateful for isi always a good thing. Enjoy the weekend Kym!

Honore Francois

Grateful for your words and the gorgeous photo of the the lake, sky, trees, ~ a slice this gorgeous natural world. Thank you! Here’s to a delightful weekend.


Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that the good vibes continue!!! #flipflopsrule


Well said... why even picking up the dog yard is better with well worn flipflops on! (and a lovely breeze, and bright sunshine and birds singing!)

It sometimes is all about adjusting your view, stepping back, and refocusing. Makes all the difference in the world!

Have an awesome Friday and a great weekend! XO


Your post came at the perfect time for me! Last evening was totally an overwhelm for me. This morning I dug deep and said one thing at a time. And stop, take a breathe and be grateful.


What an inspiring post! You took a list of everyday things and made it something remarkable and inspiring. Happy weekend!


there must be something in the air, or its the time of year....thanks for the list it fits my life too and will look for the good the rest of the weekend...fall is here folks! lets knit


what a fantastic photo ... and I love the image of well-worn flip flops. I felt like I had a good grasp on the day when it started ... but it slipped away (gah, news!) and I just took a new deep breath. thank you!


Hoping your day was amazing!


Our big event tonight has definitely brought The Overwhelm into my days lately. Thanks for the gentle reminder to appreciate the little things.


I hope your day was full of sparkling sunshine and the day was relaxing and full of delight. Hoping everyone had as beautiful as mine was because the golden days of autumn as so precious and fleeting. xox

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