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All About the Pockets

Last week, I finished a pair of Alabama Chanin drawstring pants . . . in the knee-length shorts version.


I was a bit hesitant about making pants . . . with hand stitching.  Because, really, you want the butt seam and crotch seam to HOLD, y'know?  But last fall, when Vicki and I visited the Alabama Chanin Factory, I tried on a pair.  And they seemed surprisingly stable.  And super comfortable.  So I decided to give it a go.

This particular AC pattern includes drawstring pants (4 lengths) and a drawstring skirt (also multiple lengths) -- and a variety of pocket options.  I planned to try ALL pocket varieties when I stitched up my shorts.  Kind of a . . . pocket sampler!

So.  We've got side seam pockets . . . 


a cargo pocket . . . 


and patch pockets!


These really are the most comfortable pants in the world.  (And I'm happy to report that with two full days' wear, both the butt seam and the crotch seam are holding fast!)

Now . . . I'm thinking I need a long pair.
(And maybe the skirt . . . )


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These look so comfortable, and with all those great pockets, they look just plain wonderful! I'm looking forward to seeing your long pants and the skirt ... :-)


These look fabulous! I usually shy away from drawstring anything...just not all that flattering on me...but now you've got me thinking....


So fabulous!! They look SO comfy! On my list along with a zillion other things.


So cool! I love the fact that you did all. the. pockets! Enjoy Kym...I'm sure you've got weeks of wear left! xo

Honore Francois

Neato! Just my speed - love drawstring and cargo pocket pants...what fabric did you use? And you look great in them!


Those looks fabulous on you! Great job!


Those are just too fun! I am hoping that you will be wearing those babies well into the fall! I love all the pocket techniques too! Pocket sampler shorts should absolutely be a thing!


They look great & I love all those pockets! My sister recently gave me her academic gown and asked me to put in side seam pockets and I'm in the " thinking about how I'm going to do it" stage. She will need it for December graduation, so I better not think too long!


The shorts with all the pockets look great and oh so comfortable. I hope those seams continue to hold up. I bet they will. I'd love to make a draw string skirt. Hmmm


Who doesn't like a good POCKET! Love the shorts!


I LOVE THESE!! And all the variations! I bought the drawstring pants pattern but did not realize it had patch pockets as an option. NOW, I want to make them all, too!


ok, are there NO machine sewn seams? at all? wow. I can't quite imagine sewing a crotch or inseam by hand! ...but I do LOVE the pockets. and I completely agree you need a longer pair of pants :-)


How fun! They're adorable!

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