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Public Service Announcement

Back in the deep, dark days of last winter . . . when nearly every blog post featured an amaryllis in bloom . . . many of you asked me to remind you to order bulbs when it was time in the fall.

Well . . . IT'S TIME!


I ordered my amaryllis bulbs from White Flower Farm over the weekend.  Some of them will be shipped soon (for holiday blooming), but most of them won't be shipped until the middle of November (for dead-of-winter bloom).

Although there are plenty of places to order amaryllis bulbs (just do a quick search of The Googles if you're interested in shopping around), I highly recommend the bulbs from White Flower Farm.  They have a huge variety of lovely, easy-to-grow amaryllis -- and they perform just the way you want them to:  big, long-lasting blooms . . . when you think winter will never end.

(If you're interested in WFF bulbs, you can use this link to get to their site.  Once you click in, a pop-up window will appear with a code for a $5 coupon.)

There you have it!  My order-your-amaryllis-bulbs-now Public Service Announcement.



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I think I’ll get a holiday blooming one!


Thank you for the reminder & the link!


Thanks for the reminder AND link!!


That amaryllis is GORGEOUS!

Cheryl S.

Thank you!


Done and done!


Ooooh, nice!! Thanks for the reminder.


Thank-you! On the way...:-)


Ooo! Thank you!


Thanks for your PSA and a coupon! (Did you accidentally send any to NJ? :-) )

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