Time Flies When You're Having Fun
Following that September Feeling

Sometimes Mondays

. . . feel like change.


It's in the air.  Can you feel it?

I call it my "September feeling" . . . and it's the point when I finally accept the inevitability of the end of summer.  

Not necessarily the end of summer-as-a-season.  I know the weather will remain summery for quite some time yet, and that I'll be wearing my flip-flops for many, many more weeks to come.  I'm really talking about a change in my own summer-as-a-season-mind-set.  About how I spend my days and where my brain starts going . . . as summer winds down.

How about YOU?  Do you get this "September feeling?"  If you do, what triggers it for you -- and what changes do you make in your own life as a result?


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Yes I do get this feeling! And, it is practically screaming this morning... especially those parts of the garden that are clamoring for some attention to be settled for the inevitable change in season.


I know that feeling and I will always think of September as a symbolic start of a new year. It starts right after Labor Day for me, I'm still in summer mindset this week since I'm on vacation!


I agree and have had the felt the change in mindset as well. That's why I'm taking every opportunity to enjoy all the outdoor sitting time possible...but a the same time thinking about motivating for the fall and a little konmari activity. :-)


A cool front moved in and we can certainly feel the chill. Also, I saw a big patch of red gambol oak mid-mountain. That's a sure sign that autumn is pending! ALSO, amaryllis! I'm making a list and need your input for November delivery. NOVEMBER!


I experience the same change in mindset feeling, but it's almost always tied to weather, Labor Day, and the start of school for me. It's still in the 90s and humid here for the foreseeable future, and Ryan is the only one back to school (for 22nd grade!), so I'm not feeling like fall for another week or so. But I will welcome it with open arms when it comes!


Even though we are under a heat advisory for the next few days and it was unbearably hot & humid at 6am when I went to the gym this morning, I can sense a change as we move into my favorite time of year. I feel energized and have a sense of renewal...I love everything Autumn has to offer!


We had a few days of "fallish" weather, but today it is right back to summer.

Fall is my favorite season and I definitely get more energized to do things once the humidty drops and the leaves begin to change.


Since my final working years were teaching, late August/early September definitely felt like fall. And, there’s always the turning of the aspens in the mountains. So, yeah I am with you on the autumn mindset!


Labor Day is my turning point and our last beach gathering with family at my brother’s cottage on the Ct. shore. I do get one last weekend with my girlfriends at the cottage the weekend after Labor Day. The weather is usually perfect and with cool nights we can cuddle in sweaters while we walk the shore.


I've been thinking about this change of season a good bit lately. I'm usually hanging onto summer well into October, but this year, I'm ready to embrace fall. now. (gah! I might even treat myself to a PSL tomorrow ;-) I haven't quite figured out why, but I'm sure it has something to do with feeling like I missed summer. and fall is always a really fun season in our family with all the birthdays. not that I'm ready to think about Christmas - no way ... but cooler temperatures, long pants, longer sleeves, less air conditioning, "sweater weather" and a more normal routine ... maybe that's it!

Caffeine Girl

As a teacher, I certainly do get a September feeling!
Also, it's the Jewish New Year.
But with hot and humid weather, I'm not feeling it yet.


I get a little restless before summer turns to fall. I can sense a change but when I step outdoors I feel the heat and humidity. The cicada chorus is winding up for the end of the summer noise and the garden needs a little attention - ok - a lot of attention but I'm waiting for a little less humidity. I haven't made many changes yet but am looking forward to walking later in the day, pumpkin muffins, and hot tea in the evenings.


I think for me it's the loss of light that triggers the end of summer.


I am sooo looking forward to Sept...especially 'cause I'm hoping this heat will disappear, big time...and it's my fave month of all the year!


It's the change in light that I sense, sparking the "fall feeling," especially since I get up so early on workdays and it's so obvious. It's been a brutal summer and I'm looking forward to a bit of relief from that... yet still being "nice." The worst part of all that's coming is shoes... I just hate the thought of them! (I think we're soul sisters on that point.)

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