Time Flies When You're Having Fun
Following that September Feeling

Sometimes Mondays

. . . feel like change.


It's in the air.  Can you feel it?

I call it my "September feeling" . . . and it's the point when I finally accept the inevitability of the end of summer.  

Not necessarily the end of summer-as-a-season.  I know the weather will remain summery for quite some time yet, and that I'll be wearing my flip-flops for many, many more weeks to come.  I'm really talking about a change in my own summer-as-a-season-mind-set.  About how I spend my days and where my brain starts going . . . as summer winds down.

How about YOU?  Do you get this "September feeling?"  If you do, what triggers it for you -- and what changes do you make in your own life as a result?