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Late Summer in the Garden

Sometimes Mondays

. . . feel more like Mondays than usual.


For the first time all summer, we spent the entire weekend up north.  We don't usually -- as we much prefer the quiet of the lake during the week . . . to the weekend crowds.  (But sometimes, that new toy arrives.  And you gotta play with it, y'know?)

So, anyway.  This week . . . Monday feels very, very Monday-like for me.

I hope your week is off to a good start!



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That is one cute little boat! Happy Monday to you and Tom!


Love the new "toy!" Glad the weather cooperated so that you were able to play!!


Nice boat!! Sounds like it got a good & proper breaking in.


All weekend I kept thinking . . . when is she going HOME!? And now you know why! I'm glad you got to spend some extra time up north so you could enjoy the new boat.


We have had a very rainy start to our week. I think it's going to be a day for sorting through the Christmas decoration box and see what is worth keeping and what will be donated.

Congrats on the new toy. May she said long and safe.

kim in oregon

How fun! Sail on sail on Sailor.


That boat would keep me on the lake no matter what! The question is-Did Tom come home with you. :)


ok, so .... does the new boat catch fish better?


Have fun with the new boat. The photo with the light inspiration in the previous post is gorgeous. Have a good week.

Caffeine Girl

Quiet time on a lake is the best!
I'm so sorry about your doctor retiring. I can identify. My insurance changed six days before my cancer surgery last summer. I was able to get the surgery with my original doctor, but all the follow-up has been done with a whole different group of physicians.
But your doctor is right. We just have to get out there and keep going.


Delightful that Tom's new toy arrived. It's neat! Enjoy!

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