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Not your typical Unraveled post . . . but unraveled all the same!


Early in the evening last night, a severe thunderstorm moved through . . . wreaking havoc in our up north neighborhood.  It is so scary to be in the woods during strong winds and storms -- to see the wind whipping those trees around, to hear all the branches falling onto your roof and against your windows, and especially to hear the THUD of a giant tree hitting the ground.*

We lost power.  We tried to make the best of it by playing Scrabble by candlelight.  (And taking selfies while wearing our headlamps.  Because what else are you going to do?)


But after continuing thunderstorms through the night - and the sound of more trees falling - we knew power restoration wouldn't be simple or quick.  (When we lose power up north, it's not just electricity that we lose.  It's also water-- because the pump on our well is electric.)  

So our lovely end-of-summer week up north unraveled a few days early.  We packed up . . . and headed home.

(But that's okay.)  (Our toilets flush at home!)


  • While many trees came down all around us, our little cottage was spared any damage.


Be sure to visit Kat today, for Unraveled posts that are likely MUCH more relevant to the world of knitting, stitching, and reading than this one!


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I'm sorry your days were cut short but glad you and the cabin are well! And that you made it home safely. Back in 2003, Hurricane Isabel really came inland and we were without power for 4 days. I'd bought those headlamps for me and my mom... they really came in handy. I still have them ; the last I checked, the battery was still woking...that was about a year ago!
Welcome Home!


Sorry your trip got cut short. I hate it when that happens.

kathy b

So sorry. You have a good attitude though. It was ROCKIN it here last night in Lake geneva. Downpours we had to run through after a benefit. To get to the car! YIKES


Glad to read that you came through the storms unscathed.


I'm glad all is well but having a vacation cut short is always a drag. Hopefully you can find fun things to do at home and still act like you're on vacation!


I'm sorry for your shortened vacation, but glad that neither you nor the cottage suffered damage. We lost electricity during Sandy for more than 8 days, and 4 without water until the borough got a generator to run the well pumps. It was well past the time when it's novel and fun. Hoping that you can maintain some of that vacation feeling at home, or at least enjoy the comforts of home, and head back Up North when power is restored.


Glad you and your cabin are unscathed. I worry that a really strong wind -- and it comes at the house from over the lake, so it isn't blocked at all -- will break a window. That actually happened once.

I am catching up on your blog and need to say that I just finished Snap myself -- what a fun and enjoyable book! Just requested two of her earliest books from the library. I love to find a new author who has a back list in which to indulge!


Unraveling of all sorts can be tricky... but this unexpected unraveling was quite scary, I agree. I have friends in your area on FB and they were all posting this morning about the scary storms! I am glad you were okay and your sweet cottage was not hit! (And, yes... running water and flush toilets are in the top 5 of things I cannot do without, thank you very much!)

Caffeine Girl

I feel your pain. We are still having huge amounts of rain, which has never happened here before. At least I have city plumbing so the toilets flush when the power goes out!


Glad y'all made it safely to the land of flushing toilets ... and that your cottage is intact. Hopefully you have another week Up North planned?


I'm sorry you had to cut your vacation short, but am glad that you are safe. Hopefully all will be fixed soon and you will have time to return this fall.

Janice Harrell

There was a confirmed EF-0 tornado in your area. Glad you are ok!!


Oh boy. I guess that's one "good thing" about the outhouse & pump situation we always had at my grandparents' cabin! Flashlights, candles & matches were always plentiful and at the ready! Sorry your week was cut short... maybe you can make up for it yet before it's time to close it up.


Whoa! I am sorry you had to leave early but hooray for no damage to your cabin and it sounds as if you could get out in spite of downed trees. I've been in Minnesota during one of those crackling storms and was frightened. So glad you are safe and sound and in the land of flushing toilets.


What a fearful night that must have been. So happy to hear your cabin was spared and you were able to get back home to a safe and little more useful space. Will you have a lot of cleanup when you return? Do you get alerts when the power is back or do you just take a chance and return? Love the red selfie!

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