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Another Sort of Election Day

Really . . . What Are the Chances?

So.  Yesterday I wrote that my afternoon had opened up due to a change in plans.  And I rejoiced a little.  Because I really did want to get some paperwork completed.  (Mission accomplished.)

I never expected a similar situation to happen today.  Two days in a row.  Another cancellation -- and a suddenly open afternoon. Again.  (Really . . . what are the chances?)

Only . . . well.  I'm not rejoicing about today's change in plans.  It doesn't feel like a gift, this one.  In fact, it's requiring a little bit of brain-space today; some pondering.  (Not all cancellations are equal.  Y'know?)

So, here.  Have a distraction.  Enjoy this little flower arrangement -- a random collection of what's blooming in my garden right now. . .


and I'll catch up with you tomorrow.  (Where there is no chance of an afternoon cancellation.)



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Lovely arrangement! I do hope that today's cancellation turns into a sort of gift, or at least a useful and valuable afternoon for (hopefully pleasurable) pondering.


Summertime bouquet from your garden I assume? Just lovely. May today turn into a peaceful day.


Aren't those little bonuses wonderful? And, beautiful flowers! XO


Beautiful arrangement Kym and echoing others, hoping today can turn magical for you in some way. Enjoy!


Here's to making good use of the brain space and then moving along to something fun and unexpected!


It's hard for me to imagine a cancellation that wouldn't be welcome right now! Love your bouquet, I picked some flowers from my garden on Sunday!


I'm with Carole... but I hope it all works out in the end!!


I'm sure you found something good to fill the afternoon ... and thank you for the lovely bouquet!


I wish I had more flowers to in my garden to enjoy! Sorry about cancelations upending your day!


Beautiful flowers! I hope your day filled with unanticipated pleasures.

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