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On the Trail

This summer, Tom and I have been going on long bike rides each Wednesday when we're in town.  We usually go in the mornings, when it's a bit cooler and the trail is less likely to be crowded with other cyclists and walkers.

Yesterday, though, our schedules didn't work out for a morning ride -- so we had to delay until late in the afternoon.  It was hot, and thunderstorms were threatening, but what a pleasant time for a bike ride!  We even had the trail to ourselves.

Here are three views from my bike yesterday . . . 


That's Tom, up ahead.  When I ride with my friends, we usually pair up and chat the whole way.  With Tom?  Not so much!  He rides a bit ahead (because he's faster than I am) -- but we stick together and enjoy a quiet ride.  (Besides, as Tom says . . . what would we talk about on the trail that we can't talk about together at home?)


For the most part, the trail we ride goes through the woods.  Every once it a while, though, it opens up to reveal farm fields and big sky.  Yesterday there were thunderstorms rolling in, and a bit of light rain now and again.  The sky was just lovely.


We even saw a rainbow!  This one appeared to go right down to the ground . . . but no pot of gold that we could see.

I'm glad we switched things up and tried a late afternoon ride.  It was nice to see the trail at a different time of day than usual and it was a perfect way to shake off the stress of a busy day (in a busy week).

You know what our biggest discovery was, though, on our afternoon ride?  Well . . . beer and pizza tastes even better after 20 miles on your bike! 


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What a great afternoon and what beautiful views, Kym! Thank you for sharing!


Your wooded trail reminds me of the trails around here. They were once railroad tracks but are now a series of connected trails spanning several towns. We haven’t walked them in sometime but that is going on my falll to do list!


Afternoon light gives a different perspective to EVERYTHING -- even beer and pizza.


That looks like a great trail for riding. Always nice to have a different perspective too! Beautiful rainbow.

Cheryl S.

What beautiful scenery!


I was hoping you ended your ride with beer! That rainbow is spectacular. Dale and I really only ride together when we're on the Cape and he usually rides behind me because he likes to see me and know I'm safe. Yeah, he's weird.


20 miles! That's a big ride!


Beer & pizza (but especially beer) are a big part of many of the group rides around here. The Door County Beer Festival festival coincides with a big cycling fundraiser every year, too.

What a lovely trail you have!!


Beautiful day for riding.


Your ride looks absolutely delightful. and the after-ride dinner sounds pretty amazing too!


Twenty miles. Holy cow I bet that pizza tasted really good. What a beautiful part of the country. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Bikes, beer and pizza...what could be better?


The trail you ride is so beautiful and that sky is amazing (plus RAINBOW!)! By riding nearby but not together you create a little alone time with nature, quietly alone but together.

kathy b

Pizza well deserved after that ride


Riding with Tom, beautiful sights, pizza, beer, and a rainbow ... it just doesn't get much better than that!

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