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My Garden Game is Still Strong

Okay.  So summer may be winding down, and parts of my garden are looking pretty . . . tired.  But there are still so many super cool things happening out there!

Here are three things for you today:

1 - Surprise blooms


Now, I am not (generally) a fan of the Rose of Sharon.  When I was looking for a tall-ish shrub for a rejuvenated garden bed earlier this season, though, I was drawn to this particular Rose of Sharon because of the variegated leaves.  (I tend to be a total sucker for variegated foliage.)  Besides, Rose of Sharon blooms late in the season -- and that is always a big PLUS in my book.  The plant is very small (this year), and I didn't expect it to bloom.  But look at that!  Blooms and buds everywhere!  (I even love the color of the blooms, which was a mystery when I bought the plant last spring.)

2 -- Bumper crop


Usually by this time in the season, my basil has bolted and gone to seed.  I've been deadheading and cutting back regularly this year, though, and look at this!  Beautiful basil, still going strong.  I think some fresh pesto (and maybe a few more basil bombs) are in my immediate future.

3 -- Ready to POP


Here it comes . . . sweet autumn clematis!  Thousands of little, white, fragrant blooms are just itching to pop right open.  The bees are already going nuts for these tiny blooms, which climb all over my garden gate and fence.  These flowers are so wonderful as the summer winds down -- and they leave the prettiest seed heads behind for fall, too.

(Next week, maybe I'll show you the deadest and brownest things in my garden.)  
(Just to keep things in balance!)


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I always think of Rose of Sharon as sort of mundane, but I LOVE that variegated version, and will be looking for one myself. The MD landscaping really needs something like this. My sweet autumn clematis was kind of a surprise; it was labeled as a purple jackmanii, so I was initially disappointed when I saw that it was not. But this year, the profusion of buds and blossoms is making me very happy!


I could show you plenty of dead things in my garden right now - like my zinnias which were destroyed by something (I'm hoping a rabbit and not a you-know-what) and the squash which has powdery mildew. But lots of things are still going great like the pinky winky and the brown eyed susans!


The wonderful basil really caught my eye. It’s an inspiration!


I need to work in more late summer into fall bloomers, my yard is looking pretty spent, and sad, and in need to some work! (But, this damned heat and humidity are raining on that parade!)


Ooooooooooooo...that clematis is so pretty!

I spent the afternoon moving a lilac. The previous homeowners had it planted in a totally shady spot that stays soggy if it rains.

Wish me luck in getting it to stay alive.


oooohhh, it's great to see something thriving at this time of the season!


Beautiful!! Haha. I'd love to see the deadest and brownest things. ;)


Lovely! Our porch window boxes have gone by and will soon be replaced by mums. All that yummy lemon basil delicious! Have a wonderful weekend Kym! xo


Autumn clematis! Why have I not heard of this? I need to get my gardening mojo back and do some research! Sounds perfect for this waning time for blooms.


I don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful basil plant (for this time of year, surely!)! The clematis is amazing! It will be a very showy plant this year. I'm all for seeing some balance in this beautiful space and I know the brown will be replaced with something spectacular!

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