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Late Summer in the Garden

"A late summer garden has a tranquility found no other time of year."
                            ----- William F. Longgood


I saw the quote above the other day, and it made me smile.  Because truth!  By this time in the gardening season, things are ... what they are.

Things worked.
Or they didn't.
Most flowers have bloomed.
But not all of them.
Explosive growth has slowed.
The butterflies are everywhere.
Weeds will be weeds.
And everything is on clearance at the nursery!


This is the time of year that my garden looks it's raggedy-ist.  It's still lovely, I know.  But there's a raggedy quality to it now.  And that raggedy-ness brings a tranquility that is liberating for me.  It allows me to . . . step back.  

Enjoy what's left of the season.  
Not worry so much about what needs doing.  
Let things go!
Just sit on the patio and sip . . . something.

I'm coming to terms . . . with the reality that summer is winding down.  (I might not like it, but I can deal with it.)  As always, my garden helps me weather the changes in the seasons.


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kim in oregon

It's so lush! Everything here is so dry and brown.


Yes, I'll begrudgingly admit that summer is waning, but there are WEEKS of fabulous weather ahead... arguably, the best is yet to come! Warm days, cool nights... my favorite. Your garden is lovely, raggedy or not! :)


It's almost like the garden is saying... take a nice deep breath and relax! We got this! XO


Lovely! There's something about gardens at the end of Summer and in Fall that draws me in each and every time. Very peaceful.


la la la la I can't hear you!


Your garden looks vibrantly green and comfortably overgrown. I see why you see it as raggedy and also the reason you can relax and let it go, but it is lush and gorgeous. A garden like that would be difficult to grow in Utah. I mourn, a little, the waning light, but I love the mid-August time when changes are just happening and the air is still warm, but the nights are cool(er). If autumn is long I think I can deal with most of what's coming.


Your garden looks lush and lovely in the photos. Today we had a nice slow rain all morning that was more than welcome. My little perennial garden is starting to fade and the vegetable patches have that end of summer look. Wild chaos.


"late summer" is probably another four weeks away here, but I love your attitude about it! and I love those lush greens ... we don't get much of that in "high" summer because it's just too hot. Most of all, I love embracing what is ... when it is!


Your garden STILL looks beautiful.

We just moved into a house and the garden needs a lot of TLC. Each day we clean up a little bit more and know that next spring we are going to have fun watching things bloom again.

Caffeine Girl

Your garden does still look beautiful. I like the changing of the seasons, but I do dread going back to work in the fall!


Ah! A Michigan lovely, refreshing, inviting. I could easily sit and sip among the lush greenery. Thank you for sharing.

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