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(Y'know . . . it doesn't get much better than that . . . on a Friday morning in August.)

It's Friday.  Let's TGIF!

T - Thinking about . . . how wonderful and laid-back this summer has been.  In fact, I would guess that I haven't had such a low-key and open summer since I was a kid.  I've also been thinking about how September will bring changes (because Structure Returns), and that's okay, too.  (But I'm going to hold on to this glorious-summer-feeling as long as I can.)

G - Grateful for . . . quiet mornings and a gentle start to my day.  One of my goals for the year was to start my mornings earlier so I could build in time for meditation and reflection and stretching.  It was really hard at first (because deep inside of me, there is a lazy bum), but I've gotten into the habit now, and I am so glad.

I - Inspired by . . . the light.  Although I am in deep denial about summer coming to an end, I love the long shadows of late summer.  So much drama!  And gorgeousness!

F - Fun . . . Today is the day Tom's new fishing boat is (supposed) to be delivered.  (Please keep your fingers crossed, because things happen when they happen up north, and this is sometimes Not Easy to Deal With.)  This little boat has been a long time coming (don't even get me started on "decision fatigue" that sometimes lasts for years. . . ), and it's going to be perfect and fun and glorious.  (And it's even red, so how fun is that???)

I hope your Friday is filled with good things . . . and your weekend, too.
See you Monday! 


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Honore Francois

Early morning sunrise at the lake: A perfect way to TGIF! I have my fingers and toes crossed that Tom’s red boat ARRIVES!


Beautiful picture. And a peaceful start to the day is wonderful - a gift. I'm enjoying the light of August these days too. The sun is not yet up when I get onto my patio with coffee and the stillness of our yard is so nice. So...a red boat and a red mini!! Fingers crossed that all goes as it should today. Looking forward to pictures!!


What a lovely morning.
Oh yay, a new red boat!!
TGIF (for sure).
Happy Weekend, Kym!


I do love the changing light! It is most inspiring! I am sending you good boat delivery juju! Enjoy your weekend! XO


I love all of this! (RED! BOAT!) And in your spirit I'm going to Totally Give Into Fun for the next 7 days of vacation that don't show a lick of sunshine! (Booooooooooooo!) Have a wonderful weekend Kym...I'll clink you sitting riverside!


I love this photo and I'm so excited for Tom and his new boat! I hope it all works out perfectly.

Julia in KW

Sounds like an excellent summer! Do fish “like” red boats? 😉. I hope so! Enjoy!


I can think of nothing better than a bright red boat. Hope it arrived today!!!


Good Morning! what a delightful view ... it's still dark here, but I hope to see the sun appear soon. The light is noticeably softer here, too. At least it still feels like summer, even when it starts looking more like fall! Hope that boat arrived as expected - it definitely sounds Fun! Happy Weekend, Kym!!


As an early riser I join you in the quietude and beauty of the morning light. Yesterday the sunrise was orange and the orange light reflected on the street and the puddles of water (thank you wildfires). It was stunning (and sad), but it reminded me that the light comes later in the morning and and earlier in the evening, which makes me a little sad, but I also love the glow of the autumn light. Enjoy the boat! How wonderful it is red!

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