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Garden Delights

My garden is full of things that make me happy . . . flowers, foliage, birds, pollinators.  (You know the drill.)  But there are also little hidden "garden delights" that bring a smile.

Like . . . my little stone turtle peeking out from his home in this succulent bowl.


Or . . . . this little yellow house with the stone chimney, standing sentry at my patio doors.


And . . . this little kitty, hidden in my herb garden.


Gardens delight . . . in so many ways!


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Your turtle is wonderful! What a delight it would be to wander through your garden, enjoying flowers, foliage, and all the extra touches you have put into it!


I love that little house! I have a stone birdhouse the kids made me and it sits on the table on the porch. Little treasures outside are so much fun!


Oh, how... DELIGHTFUL! ;)


Those are very delightful indeed! I have a little frog in my garden as well as a stone that says "welcome to my garden" that my mom bought me for my first garden at my first house.


How charming! I love your little turtle, I have one who suns himself on a rock in my front garden and I have a little hedgehog out in my back garden.

Jeannie Gray

OMG! That little turtle is adorable!


Those are all great! I especially love the turtle. We have a couple of birds sitting and a frog on a sundial. They add such a nice touch!


I love that turtle too! I'm thinking that garden is a pretty special place! xo


whimsy and delight. your garden always makes me smile!


Your garden delights make me smile. Maybe I need to add some whimsy to my garden beds. Right about now, they look a little worn to me and quite honestly I am tired of pulling weeds.


I love the little things touches that are hidden surprises within your garden. They must delight you each time you spot one!

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