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September Unfolding

Friday Fish Wrap

Here we are . . . the last day of August.  

The next time we meet, Labor Day will be behind us, and we'll already be a few days into September.  So.  Let's wrap up the month - and the season - with a Friday Fish Wrap.


Since it's nearly September - and the beginning of a new school year - let's talk "school supplies."  

Specifically . . . calendars.

I know many people love their digital calendars (and I do use one, too), but when it comes to planners - like for real planning and note taking and lists?  Well.  For me, nothing beats paper and pencil!

I used to be a devotee of the Planner Pad system, but once I stopped working full time, it just seemed too formal for my less-hectic lifestyle.  I switched over to basic bullet journaling (which I do using a Leuchtturm1917 notebook) about 4 years ago.  I've developed a system that works really well for me.  


But . . . 

The call of planners and journals is strong!  I can't resist shopping around when it comes to planners.  

If you, too, are looking for a new way to get yourself organized - and you like writing things down and crossing them off - check out this article from the New York Times reviewing the various types of paper planners that are out there.  Yeah - it's long.  But it's an extensive and thorough review with plenty of links.  And at the very end (scroll down and down and down), they even talk about "the competition" (those planners they looked at, but didn't quite make their final cut).  If you're looking to find the perfect planner, this is the article for you.

(Me?  I'm thinking about trying the Traveler's Notebook.  I welcome input from any of you who use that system -- and I know a few of you do!)


Feeling pressed for time?  Sick of being busy and overwhelmed?  Wondering how you can create a little more . . . white space . . . in your life?  Well. Here's an idea for you.

Courtney Carver (of Project 333 fame, and author of Soulful Simplicity) is offering a free, 21-day course to help you challenge your busyness and make time for what you really want.  She calls it the "Busy Boycott" -- and you can learn more about it here, and sign up for it here.  

Probably the biggest lesson I've had from my FOCUS year (so far) is that . . .  it's easy to fill your time and your days with things you don't really care that much about!  If you don't take charge and focus on what matters most TO YOU, you'll have a hard time ever shaking the overwhelming, too-stretched, out-of-balance feeling.  (And if you're feeling like you don't have time for a "busy boycott"?  Well.  You probably really ought sign up.)


Monday marks the final day of Mary's annual Book Bingo challenge.  I've had fun watching the bingo-action from the sidelines this year, and I'm always impressed at how many books people read when they're going for a bingo challenge! 


Now that Book Bingo is finished, what'cha gonna read???

Here's an idea to help you figure that out:  A list of 13 new books coming out in September.  I'm looking forward to reading two of them especially (Washington Black by Esi Edugyan, and Transcription by Kate Atkinson).  (Seriously, both of them have me a bit giddy with anticipation.)  

And here's a fun article about August's most art-ful book covers.  (I thought this would be especially fun for those of you Book Bingo players who needed to match your knitting to your book cover!)


Speaking of books . . . ten years ago now, when I was putting the pieces of my life back together after my chemo ended, I picked up a very pretty book while browsing at the book store.  It was an unusual size.  It was heavy.  And it was gorgeous!  I bought it as soon as I saw it.

That book was the Alabama Stitch Book -- the book that introduced me (and much of the rest of the stitching world) to Alabama Chanin.  I think I wore the pages out, just looking through it over and over and over again!  It was fascinating to me.  And inspiring.  And also totally intimidating.


To celebrate that 10-year anniversary, Alabama Chanin has re-issued their original book -- The Alabama Stitch Book -- now with a new cover, and an updated introduction -- but with the same inspiring gorgeousness inside.  They're even re-releasing some of the original designs from the book in kit form -- including the first Alabama Chanin project I ever made:  the Rose Shawl.  (Here's mine, first posted back in 2014.)

If you've been curious about the whole Alabama Chanin thing (or maybe you're interested in giving it a try), this is a great time to pick up the first book -- and some fun kits!


Attention all Peaceful Knitters!  

Christina Campbell (of The Healthy Knitter blog, and "founder" of Project Peace knitting) has just announced a timeline for this year's peace knitting project -- including a special pattern release on September 21 - the International Day of Peace (also Carole's birthday) (just sayin).  Project Peace begins on November 15, and it appears there will be multiple designs to choose from for this year's project.  

See Christina's timeline and get more information about this year's project here.  Mark your calendars!


Finally, I'll leave you with something slightly silly, but entertaining enough to keep two sisters emailing all morning.  

Ever wondered if your pinky finger holds special powers???  Like, for instance, revealing secrets about your personality???


Wonder no more!  Click here to read all about it!

(And my sister and I?  We discovered that our pinky fingers are different on each hand!  On one hand, we're Type B personalities - but on the other hand, we're Type C.) (How about you???)


And . . . that's a WRAP!

Have a great Labor Day weekend (here in the US), and a wonderful late summer weekend everywhere else!
See you on Tuesday.




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Type A, all the way!! Haha. That was silly & fun.

Alabama Chanin! I still remember looking through the first book that came my way (it wasn't the Stitch Book) and how incredibly beautiful and detailed it all was... and made by hand. I was smitten, for sure.

Have a great weekend, Kym!!


Enjoy your weekend! Your basil looks wonderful and pesto sounds perfect!


You know once I retired, I decided I was done with busy and haven't missed it all. I keep an apple calendar on my phone to record appointments when I am out and about but then transfer it to a paper calendar at home. I buy a new calendar in December when I am out holiday shopping. I like the ones with a week on a double page. I view it as my personal lesson plan for the week. Hard to lose all of the teacher traits at retirement.


Oh my goodness, a new Kate Atkinson! And Alabama Chanin kits, and well, I'm type B - more so on my right hand than my left though - who knew? Happy weekend!


II am so excited about all the September books! It's all I can do to wait for Washington Black (and Transcription)! I am looking for the right planning this year as the one I like is no longer printed. I'm going to see if BJ is right for me. I love the new cover, but I'm going to stick with my copy as I don't need two. I look forward to seeing the new kits. Happy Weekend, Kym!

Caffeine Girl

I use the same book you do for my bullet journal. I did some fun, artsy things in my first one, but decided that wasn't a good use of my time. Now I just write down what I need and make monthly calendars.

I have been fascinated by Alabama Chanin for years, but haven't found the time to take the plunge and try one of the projects. The scarf seems like a good place to start!


That first photo on this post is beautiful. The colors would look wonderful on a shawl. Chloe


Have a wonderful weekend!!!

kathy b

MMMMMM Pesto~! Im so happy your are healthy and strong again!


This is a fun fish wrap! I still haven't found the perfect way to plan myself. For a while I got way too wrapped up in the mechanics, processes, and equipment involved in planning, but now I'm back to a simple Leuchtterm pad and pen. I could use weekly or monthly calendar pages but I really am loath to over-complicate things again. I almost always feel pressed for time, but I think much of that is my own fault. So thank you for the Busy Boycott. I've signed up and hope to learn more about making time instead of wasting it. Hope you have a great weekend (and more interesting seedheads as summer winds down)!


This post! LOL

Okay... first up... those books! I have the I want them bad for a number of them on that list!

Next... Yes, I am a Traveler user. I love it. It is the best for me and I love the way it can be individualized to fit your needs. I'd love to talk with you about it!

I am a right and left C!!!

And, I am such a joiner... September is for Boycotting! Ha!

And, AC... sigh. The force is strong!


GREAT post, Kym - and thank you for all the links! I am a year-plus into my Traveler's Notebook and I LOVE it. Took me many years to figure out a post-working-life system, especially as I got more proficient with iCalendars ... and a bit less structured about other stuff. Looking forward to many things about fall, including new books. and knits. and sewing. and how cool about your 10 years ago AC book. and the pinky thing. I'll see my sister again on Wednesday and I'm curious to see how we measure up! I think I'm an A and a C ... which might explain a lot of things about me!!


YOU are the best! I think I'm AB! (AB-normal! :-) ) The AC book has me the retirement sits sort-of-in-sight I'm thinking about all the things. That book is something that should sit in my library and slowly get the love. I'm pretty sure I have the make-up for it. And I'm a joiner too soon...boycotting the busy! xoxo

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