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On the Trail

Call and Response

Surprises. . . 

especially heartfelt surprises . . . 

are so very special!


And when they're so, so perfect. . .

and when they're from such a special friend. . .

and when they're stitched with love . . .

Well.  Off-the-charts wonderful!


Thank you, Carole!  I love it.

(Read all about this vey special shawl over at Carole's today.)


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Cheryl S.

Awesome! It's perfect for you.

kim in oregon

Beautiful shawl and wonderful story.


The perfect shawl for you! And such a special help you were to Carole.


Beautiful. What a lovely gift!!


So beautiful and a great story. It looks just so right on you Kym!


Looks as though "it was made for you!" Wear in grand health!


The shawl is beautiful and you have a wonderful knack for wearing it well! Carole is a good friend—definitely a treasure.


I'm so glad you love it - I loved knitting it for you! It looks fabulous in your modeled shots but I hope you don't need to actually wear it for quite some time! XOXO


What a beautiful surprise. It looks lovely on you!!!


These colors are so you! What a truly lovely gift!


Such a lovely gift and surprise. The shawl looks so pretty wrapped around your shoulders.


It's lovely, Kym! and I'll bet it goes with EVERYthing in your closet :-)


So beautiful, so well deserved! Enjoy wearing it and the hug it gives!


Again, how did I miss this post? Gorgeous shawl and beautiful friendship story. To me Facebook has trivialized the concept of "sharing" but you two have raised it up again in my mind.

In addition, your outfit (which actually makes my favorite black, white and red combo look "summery")' prompts me to ask if you remember where you found your black Capri leggings. I am trying to trim down my travel wardrobe from heavy jeans to lighter weight leggings (is that the word?) but not sure which are both good-looking AND durable. Would you be willing to divulge that info, Kym? Yours look perfect. Thanks, if you can!

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