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Another Sort of Election Day

Yesterday was primary election day here in Michigan.  


But that's not what this post is about.  

This post is about another sort of election day:  A knitting sort of election day!

You see, I have just finished knitting a most darling baby sweater for a soon-to-arrive baby boy.  Here it is, on the blocking board back in my guest room at home (we headed north yesterday, after voting) . . . 


I'm experiencing Button Indecision, however, and thought I'd throw it out to a little vote.

What do YOU think?


Fun and charming little brass star buttons?  (Might be tedious for a parent attempting to button a squirmy-baby into a sweater, though.)



Rather plain yet perfectly serviceable standard round buttons?  (Certainly easier for putting on and taking off of squirmy baby.)

It's Button Election Day!  
(Please help me decide.)


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kim in oregon

I think the star ones are adorable, but I"m voting for plain round ones. For reasons you stated, plus pointy worries me for a wee one.


As someone quite familiar with a squirming baby these days, I'd go with the round ones. I like them better, too, they go with the classic look of the sweater really well.


At first glance I went round...then stars...then read the post...ROUND! It's adorable!


I vote round, for purely practical reasons. (I love an election without Russian influence!)


Think you answered your own question. Love the round. It’s a classic look and functional.


I vote for the classic round buttons. What a cute sweater!


OMG - what an adorable sweater! I vote for round too. I love the stars, but they would be fiddly and the points..... Beautiful job on that garment.


Okay, I am LOL @ Bonny's comment!!

Now, on to some button voting... those stars are too cute! I absolutely love them. They are so perfect for that stripey sweater!

Sadly, common sense is over-ruling the cuteness factor. The round ones win, because really - who will even notice the buttons when the sweater is on the adorable recipient, who will appropriately be the star!


As everyone has said the star.s are adorable but having wrestled little ones into sweaters I vote for the round ones.

Honore Francois

Looks like ROUND it is! The sweater is adorable and best wishes to th little one!
Safe travels!

Julia in KW

my First thought, quick reaction without reading the post was that the darker buttons looked right. The stars are cute, but too light on the sweater in my mind... very sweet sweater - I am sure it will be cherished whatever buttons you choose!

Debbie Kuppusamy

Round buttons and name of pattern please!! It's adorable.


It's a landslide!! and what an adorable pattern :-)


Round, I'm afraid. For purely practical reasons. I really love the stars.


The round buttons make that one classic sweater (to go on for generations of wearing), but the stars are!


That sweater is adorable and as much as I like the star buttons, I vote for the round for practical reasons. Have fun!


VERY CUTE SWEATER!!! I rather like how the "plain yet perfectly serviceable standard round buttons" look for this... I like the contrast. The brass stars are cute, but don't really shine (haha) here.


I like the round ones. Such a cute project!


That little sweater is darling. I think round buttons would be better for the babe. Those baby heads get heavy and often droop onto the chest. And you never know when a little one will be attracted to something shiny and try to get it into the mouth. Round wins the day.


I like the round ones best too!

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