Tales from the Garden


Although yesterday felt like Monday, today is actually Friday.  And that means . . . 



T - Thinking About . . . drawing.  I don't take art classes during the summer (too much garden and up north), so I don't have the structure a regular schedule provides.  I'm starting to miss it (although I do have a one-day workshop coming up later this month), and I have Ideas.  Now, I just need to get my pencils out.

G - Grateful For . . . waking up to a surprising change in the weather.  After weeks of super-hot-and-super-humid, it's . . . sunny and pleasantly cool this morning.  I wasn't expecting this (nor was the weather app on my phone).  We actually turned off the air conditioner and opened the windows this morning.  I'm grateful for fresh air, bird song, and the sound of sprinklers -- and especially for this little reprieve from the oppressive heat.

I - Inspired By . . . almost everything.  I seem to be wide open when it comes to inspiration these days.  Maybe it's the summer, with its explosion of color and texture and sound and smells.  Or maybe it's just that I've cleared enough space in my head so I can BE inspired.

F - Fun . . .packages for my kids.  I explained a couple of weeks ago that I've been sending my far-away (and very grown up) kids "care packages" every month.  Some months I send them useful items, sometimes seasonal items, sometimes hand knits, sometimes treats.  This month?  I've put together summer fun boxes -- with squirt guns and bubble guns and and flying parachute men.  (The only thing missing is popsicles. . . )  Kids nearing 30?  No problem.  I know they'll have fun with this stuff!

Enjoy your Friday -- and have a great weekend!


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My grown up kids would love that care package! Happy Friday


How fun would it be to to get a care package from Mom when you're in your 30s! I can't think of anything MORE fun! I love the days when our windows are open and the morning air comes in. What a great way to start the day.


I shut the $%^&* air conditioner off upstairs this morning and will also enjoy the fresh air smell and feel! I think it's time for a Dan package too thank-you. Though we'll see him in 5 weeks! Here's to the space in your head! xoxo


We were happily surprised at the lovely change in weather as we left Knit Night last night, and I was SO happy to turn off the air and sleep with the windows open! I'm hoping it holds through the weekend. What a fun package for your kids... I can imagine squeals of delight!!


I'm grateful for your TGIF, and also for the beginnings of our own weather change. It's raining here now (which we desperately need) and the ushering in of cooler and less humid and cooler weather is promised tonight. I can't wait!


I think that change in weather is headed our way tonight and I'll welcome it. While I love summer and definitely prefer being hot to being cold this, it's been a long week of temps in the 90s with high humidity. I think those care packages sound awesome, you're a good (and fun!) mom.


Like you, we are getting a brief reprieve from the heat! What a joy! And' what lucky kids!


This weather change is most appreciated! By me, Sherman, the birds, and yes... the garden! What a fun "kids" package! Have a great weekend!


I'm hoping for a cooler morning ... tomorrow (well, assuming my weather app is right) - would be nice to get out on the porch. Your kids (how fun that we can still call our kids "kids") are going to love their boxes - I hope you have a FUN weekend, too!


I like the TGIF post. How fun to send a package to your kids. I do send things to the grandchildren now and then - just for fun. I am sure the grown kids would also appreciate a little special mail. Enjoy the weekend.


Totally loved this past weekend! Got any extra packages? ;-)).

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