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Well, friends.  We've reached the end of another week.

Let's TGIF.


T - Thinking About . . . gauge swatching.  And how tricky it is to get the right gauge with linen.  (Tricky?  Let's change that to . . . frustrating.)  Which means I'm thinking a lot about knitting, but not actually doing any of it right now.

G - Grateful For . . . a weekend forecast of rain.  Because my garden could really use it.  And I could use a break from my constant battle agains the weeds.  (Although, of course, the rain will just bring aid to my enemies.)  

I - Inspired By . . . how good it feels to be less "plugged in."  First, I turned off all my notifications.  Then, I got rid of Facebook.  (Like . . . entirely.)  Next up?  I got rid of Pinterest.  (Just off my phone . . . but still.)  I've cleared huge swaths of time to go up north with Tom every other week.  I haven't committed to anything -- not Book Bingo, not mystery knits.  (Nothing.)  This is my JOMO (joy-of-missing-out) summer, and I've got to say . . . it's been liberating - and inspiring.

F - Fun . . . tomorrow I have an all-day colored pencil workshop.  (I. Can't. Wait.)

TGIF, everyone! 
Enjoy the weekend!


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I do miss you on Facebook, I must say. I don't scroll pinterest a lot on my phone but I definitely need it on there for when I'm using a recipe I pinned. I'm glad you've found more time to spend Up North!


I am with you on the linen swatching curse... it is most frustrating!

And, those damned weeds... this spate of humidity free weather allowed me to win a battle, albeit briefly.

Have fun at the workshop! XOXO


Being away from Facebook IS liberating. I am thinking about getting rid of it altogether, too. Staying off SM has made life more enjoyable all the way around. Keeping my pots alive is a constant struggle with our 100 days after day after day. Heat is relentless, but mornings are heaven and I take advantage of their beauty. Mylo, Mylo, Mylo! He is my savior. Training, playing, going on play dates and classes has made summer busy, busy for me. Your refuge in the north is the PERFECT thing in this climate of horror and change. You go for it as often as you can. Finding solace, peace and beauty is the only way to go. xo


Our forecast always says pop-up thunderstorms, but they always seem to miss us so my garden has suffered this summer. Tomatoes and butternut squash are the only ones liking the hot and humid state-of-affairs.
Linen gauge - yes odd, knitting it does take patience.
Your JOMO sounds so nice = a sweet and slow remaining summer.


I just can't keep up with the weeds this year and my potted plants are doing terrible. We're supposed to get a break in the heat & humidity this weekend, so I hope to get some garden clean up accomplished. I've started removing photos & old posts from FB & at some point will probably shut down my account. I haven't been on pintrest in over a year. Hope you enjoy an nice, slow summer weekend!

kim in oregon

I'm writing a JOMO inspired post today!


JOMO - love that idea! Facebook has always just annoyed me, so I don't go there much at all and almost never on Pinterest. Too easy to get sucked in for hours and hours. Your relaxing and laid back summer sounds wonderful. Looking forward to hearing about your workshop tomorrow - have fun!!


Your JOMO is inspiring, but that colored pencil workshop sounds amazing! We are getting a new arts center in our town - it's supposed to open this fall - and I can't wait to see the class offerings.


Oh, I wish I could join you tomorrow! Did you frame and hang that pic of Tom's Minny?? Enjoy your day tomorrow, just go with it....can't wait to see what you create.


I hope you will report on the effects of these changes.


I was just thinking about JOMO! I've been busy and we don't yet have internet at the MD house, so although disconnecting wasn't my plan, I have been enjoying it. No Facebook, no Pinterest, just Instagram and blog reading. It's been liberating in lots of ways, and I hope I don't slip back into my old time-wasting ways.

Looking forward to hearing about your colored pencil workshop and hopefully seeing some of it also!


JOMO -- I love it!


Kudos to you for JOMO-ing! Tho’ I have accounts to IG, Pinterest, FB, I’m a lousy user...most of my FB activity is an extension to a group, like Journal Club, that I belong to and even there my presence is sparse. Despite that, I still have too many horses (aka wishes) in the corral most days...I’m working on changing that.
Enjoy your day-long watercolor workshop; looking forward to your share.


We're supposed to have storms all weekend here, too. But that's fine with me. More time to read, knit, hang out, etc. I don't mind the quiet time at all!

kathy b

Intersting to give this post a thought for my own clutter clearing.
I may give up Facebook. Yes. I shall for the remainder of july.
Instagram is fun so I may keep it.
I blog 6 days a week. Maybe 5 for the rest of July?
I love my knit times.

Caffeine Girl

I think JOMO is brilliant.
I've done that with Facebook for a while. I do have an account, but I only use it to find people or to check on work-related posts. I only go on it once or twice a month. Too much of a time suck!
I have Instagram, but use it sparingly.
The one digital thing I do is blogging, but I feel that that is true communication with real people!
I don't do book bingo. I can see why it's fun, but I want to read what I want to read!


Good for you! Sometimes the internet is just plain Tyranny. Mother Nature never disappoints.

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