Raised on Promises

Tales from the Garden

It's HOT out there.

Too hot, really, to be comfortable outside for very long.

So the weeds are taking over in my garden.  And I'm back to dragging hoses where my sprinkling system doesn't reach (pretty much all the border beds) (yay).  And my containers look like C.R.A.P.

Ah, yes!  Gardening is tough . . . in the hot months.  (But so much better than NO gardening in the cold months, y'know?)


So.  Let's look on the bright side, shall we?  
Here are three Tales from the Garden that focus on some good things in my garden today.

1 - Resilient Lilies


Earlier this summer, I told you about the Asian lilies I impulse-purchased last year at Lowes.  And never planted.  They defied odds and made it through the winter.  


I planted them.  And they are thriving!  A happy ending all around.  (And now maybe you can see how the impulse-purchase happened in the first place.)  (Because lovely, non?)

2 - Water Lilies

IMG_4805 2

I have had this hardy lily in my pond for a couple of years now.  It was an expensive plant, and I was disappointed in it.  It threw up a few lily pads in those past years, but nothing impressive.


This year, it's not only sending up the pads -- but lovely lily after lily as well!  What a treat.  (I'm thinking it's the new presence of my Garden Buddha.)  (Seriously.)


3 - Finch Ferns


Every year, I have two hanging Boston ferns on my patio.  Tom and the kids used to get them for me for Mother's Day.  And as soon as those ferns were in place on the patio, finches would move in and nest in the ferns. Every. Year.  (And sometimes multiple generations through the summer.  Kind of . . . a condo development for the finches!)  

Now that the kids are older and on their own (and do other things like send wine and flowers), I get the ferns myself.  This year, I got them quite late in the season -- not until mid-June, when usually it's mid-May (because Mother's Day).  I figured we'd missed out on the finches; that they'd nested elsewhere.


Nope.  As soon as I hung the ferns, a finch family moved in!  (Some things never change.)  (Obviously a popular finch neighborhood. . . )


So.  Bottom line:  Even when the gardening is tough, the gardening is good!


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