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Summer at the Mid-Point

Here we are . . . nearly at the end of July.  Summer at the mid-point.

Our weather this summer has been . . . kinda weird.  It's either been super hot and humid.  Or it's been surprisingly cool and rainy. Unbearably hot.  Or unseasonably cool.  One or the other.  Not much in between.  (We're in one of the cool phases right now.)  (And we could do with a bit more rain, thankyouverymuch.)

Still.  Summer is summer.  And I'm soaking it in.


(And I'm also remembering that last year, "summer" lasted through the end of November.)  (Almost forever.)  (But not quite.)

How's YOUR summer going?



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We need rain but it doesn’t look like much chance. A bit too hot for me but not humid so that is good. I am going to need to be dragged back to wok next month.


I do believe we're having similar summers. Fortunately we're getting some decent rain this week. Good summer so far...looking for a little bit of heat the week of 8/11-18 :-)


I wish I could send some of our extra rain your way! Seven inches in the last four days, and more of the same predicted for the next three days. I know weather at each end of the spectrum is how we end up with averages, but it would be nice to experience an actual 80-degree, dry, "average" summer day once in a while!


Very weird, weatherwise! I think some of my potted plants look like they were "boiled" from the latest bout of heavy rain followed by extreme heat & humidity. I love geraniums and they are barely hanging on this year. This next week looks good with sunny days in the 80s and 60s at night...just how I like it!


Why do some places get all.the.rain and others (we) have NO rain. The clouds toy with us and the heat is often relentless. BUT, I love summer and I'll take it any day over the dark of winter. Hearing summer is at a mid-point makes my heart skip, although summer may be hanging around here through autumn.


SOGGY!!! And more rain in the forecast. Flood watches are out. It has also been really windy the past few days. I thought our winter weather was strange...but our summer weather is strange as well.

kim in oregon

I wish we had rain! But we don't have humidity, so I guess that's a fiar trade off.


Our weather has been much the same... not super enjoyable to be outside a lot. This week is a LITTLE better, and the weekend and next week look even better (so far) (fingers crossed). And yes, last year it was not only summer-like well into November, it was incredibly green & lush, too. (So weird.)


I was just thinking this morning that summer is about halfway over. Waaaaaah. But I still have our Cape Cod vacation to look forward to, at least!


School starts here in less than two weeks. But the heat and humidity should be around for another month or two :-) I'm loving the slower pace ... which is practically snail-like now!


It's going... toooo fast!! I want to put the breaks on and slow it down!


The one thing I'm loving/liking about this summer is it's been cooler this month, albeit wet...but I will take less humidity + heat any day of the week. August is usually a @#$%* so I'm steeling up for it...Septeber is perhaps my fave time o' year...we'll see.


Fast! That’s how summer is going around here. I knew when I made July plans I was in for a whirlwind of activity. Grandkids galore and a great niece and nephew, too. It’s all good.


Summer is sliding by. We had early heat and humidity. A few downpours now and then. This week the temps are in the 80's and cooling down a little more during the night. It is pleasant and beautiful but won't ripen the tomatoes.


Wish I could send you some of our rain. We've received about 10 inches in the past two days with 2-4 expected today. It is a mess - lots of flooding, evacuations and closed roads. Your "up north" make me envious!

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