Another Friday Fish Wrap
I Scream You Scream DOGS Scream for Ice Cream


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Me too! Really ready! XO


More than ready! Here goes!!!

PS -- really enjoyed your Friday Fish Wrap and all the fabulous links. Thank you so much!


More Daisies! Is that butterfly bush ? What are the seed pods in the back? Your gardens are beautiful! Ditto Vera on Friday Fish Wrap. Happy Monday!


That bed of daisies surely does look bright and sunny. I'm sure ready for a good week and going to try and make that happen; hope your week ahead is great!


Ready and willing to take on the week including all tasks, jobs, duties, 4th-of-July picnic foods, mothering, grandmothering, gardening, laundering, . . . you get the idea.
I had a relaxing weekend away with a wonderful wedding and now am ready to roll.
On with the daisies !


That's a very cheerful photo! Daisies were my mom's favorite and they always make me think of her. What are the orange blossoms?


Oh, that's really lovely!! So bright and sunny (like today). I am definitely ready for a good week.


For sure I’m ready for a better week...and thanks for helping get it off with all that bright, colorful goodness from Mother Nature!



Yes! Our daisies have started to bloom along with a bunch of other nice the yard is coming to life! Wishing you a wonderful week too!


I love the way you've mixed the colors! White and orange look so bright and clean together. This week is going to be amazing! xo


A good week is a good idea! The daisies are so jolly and fun loving!


I NEED a good week ... and to know what those gorgeous orange blooms are!!


What an inviting space! I have digging in the garden on my list today.

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