Summer at the Mid-Point


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You'll find something even better!


It's good to know when to let go. That yarn is so beautiful, I do hope you find something even better that works without frustrating experimentation.


Sorry! But that yarn! Gorgeous. Hope you can come up with something else.


Always challenging when yarn and pattern don’t quite want to dance together. The yarn is too lovely to partner with a pattern that will just step on its toes. It will be something beautiful at a later date!


Oh that is a wonderful color!


Oh, bummer. But good for you for knowing when to say WHEN!


Linen is so wonderful, but knitting with it is DA BITCH! Sad you had to let go, but smart of you to realize it.


You have the valor to know when to say when. I notice a number of commenters seem to feel that a different project would solve the problem— a tough concept for me to get my mind around. Anyway, good luck!


Oh, boo! I had the same issues trying to get gauge with Sparrow. So finally, I just looked for a pattern that matched my gauge! XO


Amen. It can be so freeing to let go. Let it be - let it go. Something else will turn up.


Hope you can find a use for that gorgeous Linen soon. Maybe something smaller to start with , like a cowl? It would look great on a natural-colored sleeveless sheath or shell. Whatever you decide, looking forward to seeing it in its next incarnation.


I've used Sparrow twice ... for scarves! It makes beautiful lace :-)

sue j.

That yarn is gorgeous...hope you find something even better for it!


Admitting the problem is halfway to the solution. :-)


Lovely color...and maybe, someday, a pattern will "appear." Like Kat's approach...always more than one way to "skin a cat..."

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