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Slow on the Draw

As I mentioned last week, on Saturday I went to an all-day colored pencil workshop.  It was, specifically, a solvent workshop.  Colored pencil is quite a slow medium to work with.  (Many layers.)  (Many, many layers.)  But . . . if you apply solvents, you can work much quicker!  The workshop is designed so participants can complete a piece in one, 7-hour day.

And . . . the first time I took part in the workshop (3 years ago), I did just that!

But since then?  Well.  I've chosen to combine the solvent part with the regular, colored pencil drawing part -- so I can get a good start at the workshop -- but my drawings have been too complicated to finish in one session!  (I started Tom's Mini at last summer's workshop, and that took a long, long time to finish.)

Here's what I accomplished last Saturday:

First, I prepared my board (it's illustration board) and sketched out my drawing.  (You can see the photo I'm using on my iPad there; I shared it here on the blog not long ago.)  I taped out the petals of the lily to protect it from the solvent process, and began the coloring-in (with Prismacolor Art Stix).



Once I got the background (pretty much) the way I want it (although there's still a lot to be done with it, actually), I peeled off the tape to reveal the lily petals . . .


and started on the detail work.  (Which, truth be told, is my favorite part!)  I'm beginning with the lily petals, but will also need to do the leaves and the reflections on the water.  (I use Prismacolor wax pencils for the detail work.)


And that's what I came home with!

Since the workshop, I've been drawing when I can.  (It's easier to find the time right now -- because I'm not knitting anything at the moment, and I can devote my "creative time" to this project.)

But . . . it's slow.  Very detailed.  It's going to take a while!


I don't mind.  I enjoy the process, and I'm pleased with my results so far.  (I'll show you how it unfolds as I progress . . . but don't expect it to be anytime soon!


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Fascinating! Sometimes - slow is the way to go!


Wow! The center of the lily is so beautiful already! We'll be watching! xo


This is all new to me and quite intriguing! That's a lovely photo, and I really enjoy seeing the stages and process along the way. Slow and layered looks like a beautiful way to proceed!

kim in oregon

It is beautiful!


It is intriguing and a beautiful reflection of talent and perseverance.


I find artists endlessly fascinating...the process, the medium chosen, the end result. I follow someone on IG who paints watercolors and she frequently posts progress pics...fascinating. A late friend of my mother’s was an artist in Door County, WI, who used colored pencils. His work was so amazingly life-like. I’m linking a gallery photo for you so you can see for yourself. He passed away a while ago and I’m thankful that I was able to meet him and purchase a piece for my mom.


I am so impressed! Thank you for sharing the process and explaining how it all is coming together.


Very beautiful art. I envy those who can draw and paint. How fun to immerse yourself is a slow creative process.


Thanks for sharing your adventure! Looking forward to seeing the finished work and hearing your thoughts etc. about the whole process. Just beautiful!


So cool, Kym!! And so lovely!


Kym - it's beautiful! and I really appreciate that you take photos along the way to help us understand the flow - and the pace! - of the process. Looking forward to further "reveals"!


The petals become realistic almost immediately (or so it seems) as you fill in their coloring and texture. Seeing the process is eye-opening and I'm so glad you shared your work. I will enjoy watching this design come to life over the next while. Thank you!

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