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Excellent sentiment and thank you! I can't find it in my heart to celebrate being an American today.


Yes! These are difficult times for sure, but we do have much to celebrate and to be thankful for ... and I am seeing/feeling signs of hope. Happy Fourth!


I'm not a big fan of the 4th of July since I generally spend the day alone - which normally doesn't bother me but something about it being a holiday makes it feel lonely to be alone. Anyway. This year I'm feeling particularly ambivalent about celebrating but I still hold out hope for change and good things!


Start local and work up! We can affect our local elections and have an impact on what happens in this country. Happy 4th, Kym!


Trying to hang on to hope. These times are so hard. Chilling editorial in the NYT today. But thanks for the inspiring words and something from my beloved tp to get the energy back flowing!


Thank you for the challenge and the promise from Barack Obama—one of the classiest and inspiring presidents Ever! And for those who feel pessimistic, I offer the fact that we survived Richard Nixon.

On a happier note, enjoy your holiday—fireworks, picnic, family!


Life is way tough these days and I'm working very hard to persevere, hang in, continue to be the "change I want to see." Never did I think...


Thank you !

Annie McGuigan

Kym ... you inspire me in so many ways! Let's all keep hope burning in our hearts ... and put our hopes into action by working for local candidates, hounding our elected representatives to hear us and encouraging people to vote.

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