Slow on the Draw
Morning Surprise


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I don't think I've ever mastered the patience and timing part of s'mores, but that one looks just perfect (and perfectly delicious)!


Oooh, my fingers feel sticky just reading this post! YUM!!


Yum is right! The best taste of summer!


That looks so yummy! I have had s’mores for a very long time.


Dale is very good at toasting marshmallows because he's all about the patience. You've gotta try it with a Ritz, though. I'm telling ya.

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

S'mores just never get old, do they? And I agree, they are an artform. Looks like you have it mastered! My friends like to make them with Peeps.


You are so right about the three additional ingredients. Toasting the marshmallows without torching them is genuinely an art form.


Yummmmmmmmmm. It's been a long time. :-)


Technique is everything!


It has been decades - literally - since I've had a s'more. Thanks for the trip down memory lane...and enjoy yours!


:-) I loved that scene in Our Souls at Night where they roasted marshmallows. I was always the patient one. Sara liked to burn 'em quick and move on.


Oh perfect! I like to make my s'mores with two marshmellows - one on either side of the chocolate. Just recently I was thinking I'd really like to try some dark chocolate in a s'more.


Yum.. How did something something which required so much patience become the province of nine-year-old girls??....and yet we did it. (Or maybe the Scout
Leaders did:-).


YES! One must have ALL six ingredients for a successful s'more!


Not everyone ;-) I'm from Holland and I had never heard of s'mores before I started reading American blogs, let alone tasted them. Too bad I can't eat sugar, they sound delicious...

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