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Morning Surprise

I usually check the weather forecast for the next day before I go to bed at night.  You know - just to plan my day.  (Can I kayak in the morning? Are my car windows open? Should I bring in the towels tonight?  )  

Last night, I checked.  

Cloudy, it said.  
Chance of rain, it said.  
(I'll sleep in, I said.)
(But the towels will wait, I said.)

So I was kind of surprised to wake up and see this . . . 



Come to the lake, it said.  
(Let me get my coffee, I said.)

And it was a glorious morning, to be sure.


Peaceful.  Quiet.  Serene.

And hardly a cloud in the sky!  Just those few . . . out there on the horizon.


(Take THAT, weather forecast! I said.)  
(I WILL be able to fit in one more paddle this morning, I said.)

But, alas.  The weather forecast gets the last word.
HA! It said.

Because it's raining now.   Just an hour later. 
Talk about a morning surprise.  
(And too bad about those towels.)


Enjoy the weekend!



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A beautiful morning is always welcome, but when it's a surprise, well, even better! (of course the towels can wait!!)


Well, at least you got out there to enjoy it before it all went south!


Beautiful pictures! Sounds like the weather we've been moment it is sunny and the next it is pouring rain. Glad you could get out on the lake. Have a fabulous weekend!


What a wonderful way to start the day. Have a nice weekend Kym! xoxo


The weather forecast may have the last word, but you got that lovely, golden hour (and beautiful photos). Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Sometimes rain at the lake is a glorious thing, and it seems that you got the best of both worlds... a beautiful start and some rain! Happy weekend!


The towels will dry again. Beautiful photos of a beautiful lake morning.


Hope your weekend is full of sunshine surprises and all good things.


T'is lovely as long as it lasted!

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