C'mon Along . . . Paddle with Me
Foliage is Cool, Too

Knittin' on the Dock of the . . . Lake

I'm enjoying a relaxed approach to my knitting this summer.  
No mystery knits, KALs, or speed knitting challenges for me this year (tempting as they may be).


This year it's just me.  
And some lovely linen.  
Locked in a rhythmic design.*


Knittin' on the dock of the . . . lake.

Watchin' the ships loons roll in. . .
And then I watch 'em roll away again. . .


This is a perfect summer knit.  Easy.  Soothing.  Cool.

Wastin' time. . . 
(I think not.)

 How about you?  What are you knitting this summer?


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*  This is the Albers Shawl from the Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide No. 6 - Transparency.  I'm knitting with Reed by Shibui Knits.  (And I only had to unravel once.)  (So far.)  (Because counting.)


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Oh, beautiful knitting!! I love how that is working up! And, those views!!


Lovely all around - yarn, pattern, and location!


Beautiful colors and a soothing knit. Knitting is meant to compliment our lives, not complicate them. Good work in choosing the right thing for you at the right time.


I could easily be tempted to knit anything in such a lovely setting! I’m envious. Enjoy the coolness of the lake and the slowness of your days...


Perfect! I love that pattern. Jealous of the Loons! (We once stayed in a cottage on Loon Lake in NY and never once saw or heard loons...)


Lovely knitting in a lovely spot...enjoy!


Knitting just about anything by the lake would be perfection!


Looking good Kym! I've finished the baby blanket, got a set of knitted knockers going per my Grass Lake pal's request and I may join the MKAL as I have the yarn but it will certainly happen at my pace!


Loons...I would love to see them...they flee when they see me coming lol! My knitting is a square which will go,with others’ squares for a gift! Not too exciting huh?


I love that view ... and that WIP. Reed seems like a perfect match for the pattern and for summer.

Elise Anderson

What a good idea! No deadlines! Love it. Too late for me, I started Christmas gifts and I'm slow at sock knitting. My son and his girl asked for socks, so I'm going to overcome and make them and sockhead hats. My blog post today - http://lovelyyarnescapes.blogspot.com/2018/07/wednesdays-yarns-back-from-adirondacks.html


Don’t you just love some of the patterns coming from Mason Dixon Knitting? I started working through the Year of Techniques but got sidetracked with some baby knitting. Suddenly I had 6 WIP and need to buckle down and finish something! Number two and three will come off the needles in the next few days. The last three may take a while. Enjoy your peaceful knitting!

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