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I Scream You Scream DOGS Scream for Ice Cream

It's HOT out there!  

My dogs know how to keep cool, though.  They look for the shady spots!


(Although you can't see her in the photos, Jenny is hunkered down under the hostas.  Since she was a puppy, she has sought the coolest spots in the garden . . . usually under my hostas!)

They also look at me longingly and scream with their eyes . . . for Doggie Ice Cream Treats.

I whipped up a batch this weekend.  Here's how I did it, in case you want to make some for your own pups.

First, I got out my cute little dog treat molds.  (I used to use small Dixie cups - which work just great - but theses are so much cuter.)


Then, I gathered my ingredients (32 oz. plain yogurt, 2 bananas, a few blobs of natural peanut butter, and a squirt or two of honey)  (you can see that it is a very scientific process) . . .


and mix it together with my immersion blender (this amount of mix fits together perfectly in my 4-cup measure).


Then come the hardest parts . . . carefully pouring the mix into the molds (made slightly easier because I mixed it in a measuring cup with a pour spout), then clearing space in the freezer to create a flat surface (it helps to have this ready before beginning actually, but I never seem to remember that), and then carefully placing the full molds into the freezer without spilling (HA!) (I stack them on cookie sheets first).

This amount of mix fits nearly perfectly into the molds.  (There was a bit leftover, so the dogs got to lick the bowl. . . BONUS! )

It doesn't take long for the treats to freeze -- and then they pop right out of the molds.  (So cute.)  (Of course the dogs don't care at all.  The Dixie cups were just fine thankyouverymuch.)


Ready to serve!


And what do they think?


De - doggie - licious!


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I don't have dogs, but it's also hot here, so I'm entertaining the thought of making some for myself! They sound healthy (and I'm wondering if they might taste even better to humans if I add a cut up Reese's peanut butter cup). Thanks for the J-Pup endorsed recipe!


Aw, how cute!! They sound really good, too!! I like Bonny's idea of a peanut butter cup... or maybe a dip into some chocolate. ;)


Boone thanks you in advance!


They do sound great for humans too! Love that last picture!


What a good dog mom you are, Jenny and JoJo are lucky to have you! The look of intense focus on their faces in the photo where you're holding the plate of finished treats is just priceless.


Abby says to tell you "Thanks for the recipe, that looks good!" I guess I will be making frozen dog treats soon!


Well... that is a genius idea! And, I am so glad Sherman can't read so he does not know how miserable he has it that we have not been doing this for him! I will remedy this asap! Thanks to those sweet J-Pups for this heads up!


I had no idea dogs liked frozen treats ... or that there were adorable molds to make them in! always an education here, my friend!


Mylo would be very pleased to have something so delicious! Thanks for saving us. This week should be in triple digits. ugh


This is so darn cute. I am sending this whole recipe onto my dog friends, and their families.
And maybe make some for myself too!


Too funny! Lucky dogs! Must pass onto my friends who also have "treat-lovin'" pooches!


Such sweet pups deserve those treats!

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