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Foliage is Cool, Too

When I'm talking about my garden (or anyone's garden, for that matter), I often say . . . flowers are magical.

Because they really are!

But y'know what?  Foliage is cool, too.


I've designed my garden such that something is blooming any time, in any season.  May and June are easy.  Late July and August are much more challenging (except for those hardy alstroemerias blooming their hearts out in the photo above; they bloom all summer long).  

To keep my garden looking good throughout the season, I rely on interesting foliage to bring variety and interest.  When combining plants in my garden, I look for foliage with different:

Patterns (like these lungwort leaves).


Textures (like the leaves on this Japanese maple).


and Colors (like this cascade of Hearts-of-Gold Redbud leaves).


Even without any blooms, the foliage in my garden puts on a lovely show.  It turns out that foliage is the essential workhorse in the garden!

IMG_4986 2

Flowers are magical . . . but foliage is cool!


Today's post was inspired by Three on Thursday.  Be sure to read other ToT posts today over at Carole's!




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My old perennial bed was mostly flowers. As I redo the bed I want to include more foliage! Love yours!


So true. We use a lot of foliage in our window box by the kitchen too - sweet potato plants, etc. Love that Japanese Red Maple. I wish I could grow ferns in my yard!


I love alstroemeria ...and during the winter months, often have a bouquet on the dining table...i din't know one could grow them here...guess I never considered that. Your foliage looks so cool, refreshing and inviting ~ especially on a hot July day!



YES! I agree and I embraced the foliage heartily this year with LOTS of coleus varieties on the deck.


Sometimes its foliage for the win! Gorgeous... and it looks so cool and inviting!


Such beautiful photos. You are indeed a master gardener. We are heading north for a little lake time soon. Your paddle around the lake whets my appetite for my own. I'll skip the blisters though.


I love hostas for all their different foliage, and recently saw some rex begonias that had amazing "swirled" leaves. Foliage is cool, and your foliage looks really wonderful!


Another lovely garden tour, Kym - thank you! With all those colors, shapes and textures ... foliage is most definitely under-rated! (do you have any succulents in your garden? we have two big rocks by our driveway, in beds that get full-on sunshine for most of the day. I was thinking succulents might work well there....)


Foliage can do double duty as a backdrop and as a show stopper. I live the varieties of shape, color, and texture in plants that do not have showy blossoms. They seem to be the under-sung workhorse of the garden...the quiet beauty.


LOVELIEEEEE! I love the variety!

Cheryl S.

"hardy alstroemerias"? What is this magic of which you speak? I've only seen them once in a nursery, and they were listed as annuals. I didn't buy them at the time, and then thought they'd be a nice container plant for the summer. But they were all out when I went back, and I've never seen them again. Guess I need to try looking again.

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