Outside Inside

During the gardening season, I love to bring what's blooming outside . . . inside.  You can usually see what's blooming in my garden -- right there on the kitchen counter near the sink.  Or on the dining room table.  Or even in my bathroom.  

Today, we've got . . . 



Ornamental onion.

Purple coneflower.

Flowers are magical . . . outside and in!


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Such a delightful post...enjoy your pretty flowers.
Cheers ~


Such beautiful flowers and a lovely way of displaying them too!
I have to leave mine outside now because of my husband's hayfever, but I used to love picking and arranging them.


Beautiful! I should cut a flower or two to bring inside! XO


I love your natural arrangement! Flowers are magical, especially when they're Kym's!


Wonderful! I'm always conflicted between cutting blossoms and bringing them in vs enjoying them outside! That vase is adorable, too.


Those tiny vases are perfect. The ornamental onion is so pretty. Our black-eyed Susans are finally beginning to open, so I may be able to snip a few to bring inside.


Love th triple vases! What a great way to showcase the flowers.


I'm like Carole...always hard to decide about the cutting! I do treat myself to a couple of bouquets a summer though. I do love that vase trio as well!


I just flipped through the latest Making magazine - Color - and there's this Amazing Scarf that's printed with marigolds ... oh my. Those blooms would make an awesome scarf!


Just lovely! In my one break from working on house stuff, I visited an antique/junk store and almost bought a couple lovely little blue bottles, but didn't. Now seeing your floral display, I think I do need to go back and get them for flowers on my kitchen windowsill. I'm still thinking about the bottles, and they'll look even nicer with flowers in them!


Perfect. And in regard to other recent posts, I like the idea of controlling what we can - hugging each other, reaching out, telling the truth.

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