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Wheel Turnin' Round and Round

Some knitting projects are adventurous because they offer variety in pattern and texture and color.  Some knitting projects are adventurous because . . . they are just big.  Both types of projects require stamina, concentration, and commitment.  

But those big projects?  

They're a little too close to the movie Groundhog Day.  Y'know?  Living that same day over and over. . . Knitting that same thing over and over . . . 

This one?  Totally a Groundhog Day kind of project.  
Over and over.


Finish one square . . . move right on to the next square.

You go back, Jack
Do it again


It was more than a bit tedious after a while.  But I knew if I didn't keep going, I'd never get it finished.

Wheel turnin' round and round
You go back, Jack
Do it again

Totally repetitious.  And totally worth it, in the end.


(So glad I can move on to something else now.  And stop living this Groundhog Day knitting existence.)

You can find the Ravelry details here.


To see a "homespun" version of this Steely Dan song, check out this very old video of high-school-senior Erin performing it at her piano recital in 2007.


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WOW! That is one beautiful shawl/wrap Kym. You have such an eye for/a way with color - very inspiring. Can't wait to see what's up next for you. Really enjoyed that video clip you shared of Erin - great fun.


Tedious but oh so lovely! The pops of yellow really make this wrap sparkle. And using up scraps of yarn is always a good thing.


Oh yeah... SO WORTH IT!! I love it, Kym, and I'll bet you'll wear it a lot.


I am so jealous. That's gorgeous. I wish I could find a way to put all my leftovers into a project and have it turn out that beautiful.


Wow, that is gorgeous ! I bet it's nice on your shoulders on those cool northern mornings!


This is absolutely beautiful and so you! And after that blanket of mine...I get it! xoxo


It is gorgeous! The colors are splendid and it looks terrific on you!


That's really a fabulous knit even if it did feel like Groundhog Day!


Wow! Gorgeous use of Koigu!! I absolutely love it and it looks perfect in the north woods!


What a fantastic shawl.


Oh Kym, it's lovely! I don't think there's anything truly tedious about knitting ... finishing (especially when it involves sewing needles) yes, but knitting? nope ... but my favorite part of this whole post is Erin ... in bare feet ;-)


Gorgeous shawl' Kym. So worth it. And Erin stole your thunder a little bit. Absolutely adorable. (And my daughter can steal my thunder any time, too.) Chloe


This shawl may be repetitious but every square seems to shine with its own light. I love how it looks like tiles of a mosaic. Really lovely colors that should go with anything and everything!


That does look worth it and I love your photos


The knitting might have been tedious after awhile but the shawl is so worth your persistence. And think about the odds and ends of yarn stitched into it. Beautiful!


{deep sigh} It is so lovely! And looks super on you! Congrats!

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