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TGIF, Garden-Style

Back home.  Back in my garden.  And it's Friday.


Time for a little TGIF . . . garden-style!

T - Thinking About silver linings.

First, it was super annoying to have my air conditioning break down.  Then, I had to dig up large swaths of my garden to facilitate installation.  But, now that it's done, I'm actually . . . 

G - Grateful.

Not only for new (and functional) air conditioning (because YAY), but also for this "clean slate," which allows me to re-fresh yet another garden bed!


Now I'm totally . . . 

I - Inspired.

Because I have this collection of plants to play with all over again.  (My poor, displaced plants).


It's like re-opening an almost-new box of paints.  And, really, won't that be . . . 

F - FUN!


Have a great weekend!  (You'll know where to find me.)



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You're going to be BUSY!


Making lemonade - well done


Have FUN digging in the dirt!


I'll bet you are having fun this Saturday. Will be nice to see the finished bed!


Ooo! It is like a new box of paints! So.much.fun!


How wonderful to be able to begin again in your garden (and have a functioning coolness maker)!


PS Your wisteria is so beautiful!!

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