How Hot Is It???
Little Changes Everywhere


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Beautiful! And, my Monday looks like a deep breath!


Great shot Kym...and my rainy, rainy, rainy! (But the weekend was oh so fab!)


That is such a pretty picture. And, of course, you have made me curious.....


I hope your change is in the positive direction, and I'm working hard this Monday to ensure I can change my view to a better one in CO tomorrow!


My Monday started with a meeting (selectman) and will also end with a meeting (selectman, again) but I took the day off so there was some shopping (I finally found a garden Buddha I love and it was in my price range!) and now there will be reading until dinner time.


My Monday was quiet with a few afternoon chores and then a lovely evening knit on the deck. I hope the air conditioner is back to tip-top shape too.


Vera said she was curious ... and so am I - about those beautiful yellow flowers. Their petals look like a pleated skirt! (of course I'm going to be most interested to hear about your Changes, but I know you'll share when you're ready!)


I love that yellow flower! It looks small, but it has wonderful impact! So, what's going on?

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