Sometimes Mondays
Just a Bit of Messing Around


This year, I've really been working hard to create space for myself.  Not just physical space (although there has been a lot of that), but also headspace.*


For some reason, it's been a struggle to allow myself the time and space to just . . . think.  To work things out.  To mess around and play with thoughts and ideas.  It seems frivolous, somehow.  A little self-indulgent.  

But I'm feeling a strong pull to do it anyway. 

You see, I've got a few Big Ideas . . . and if I don't take some time to think them through, well, I know I'll never think them through.

So.  I hereby give myself permission!  

Who knows where this will all end up.  Maybe nowhere.  Or maybe somewhere.  But I'm going to just . . . let myself hang out kind of close to the edge for awhile.

And see.







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Sounds lik a very good idea - enjoy your thinking time


Perfect! We all need headspace...realizing you need it is a bonus. I'm curious to see where this leads. Enjoy the journey and time.


Yes! Do give yourself all the headspace you need...'cause the person typing this comment is durn right nosy, er uh, curious about what you have up your sleeve!



I agree... best moments of the day are spent in my own little brain! XO


Time to think is most definitely time well-spent! Enjoy!!


That sounds amazing! And knowing you, it will turn out to be a big thing full of creative joy and surprise! We all need to give permission to not be in work mode all the time and it's a lesson that can take real nurturing. Nurture yourself, Kym. You'll make it happen!


Don’t you just love the dictionary? It really helps makes more immediate sense than what one originally thought, and clarifies the word all in one swoop.
Definitely, headspace is good.


Fantastic!! Enjoy that time...


Permission to think and consider is so difficult to grant - whether that permission comes from an employer or yourself - because results from that time are rarely evident. But it's such an important part of the process, or to even consider if the process is needed and what the process might be, so I wish we could all grant ourselves permission more often. Enjoy your time a little closer to the edge!

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