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One Week . . .

I'm not a fast knitter.  

I guess that's not it, exactly.  I just don't finish things quickly.  I am not one of those always-knitting people, y'know?  I like to knit a little every day.  But it's often just that . . . a little.

I don't think I've ever knit anything in just (cue soundtrack) . . . One Week

Until last week.


Chickity China the Chinese chicken
You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'


Like Snickers, guaranteed to satisfy


One week!

(Ravelry details here.)


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Love, love, love it!


Beautiful! I know part of it (the quick-knitting-up) was being away, but don't you also find it mesmerizing to see what comes next when you're working with this sort of colorway! Hard to put down...


Oh, that is lovely! I'm marking that pattern for a variegated skein of yarn I picked up when I was in Appleton, WI last month!


One Week is fabulous! I love the colors and your silver bead bind-off, and that Tom will be using the leftovers for fly tying. You've given me inspiration and ideas for some of my new TLE yarn!


This is beautiful. I am off to check your notes.


This turned out great Kym! I love the beaded edge...what a great idea. I also (like Bonny) love that Tom is using the leftovers for fly tying - another brilliant idea! This will go with so many things.


Love it!! That's such a great pattern. The yarn & colors are fantastic.


GORGEOUS! You make me want to knit another one!

Cheryl S.

Pretty! Looks great on you.


What fiber is the yarn? I'm surprised the yarn isn't in the Ravelry data base; you could add it, you know. Anyway, is it linen? The colors are great and the pattern is very tempting, although I need another WIP like a hole in the head. But I really stopped in to say, you look wonderful in the shade of blue of your blouse in that picture!


That's a really great little scarf - I love the colors and the beads on the edge, too.


yay! and how cool to turn a skein of yarn into a beautiful scarf ... in just one week. (actually, I think that's a cool process no matter how long it takes, but one week is pretty special :-)

kim in oregon

Love it and I have the pattern and the PERFECT yarn and excuse me while I go cast on....


Gorgeous! A great pattern to highlight that beautiful yarn.


Love it! I downloaded the pattern and eventually, hope to find some yarn in my stash and to knit it...eventually! Thanks for the inspiration!


That is one beautiful shawl/scarf. The colors look just right on you.


I love the way the color moves through the yarn and creates varied mottled stripes. The colors will go with anything!


Beautiful. I love the beads! Did the fact that Justyna coincidentally named her shawl after the Carpenters' song have anything to do with it?? . . . Actually it never even occurred to me until the lyrics popped into my head a little later.

kathy b

YOU look so beautiful!!!!

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