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Little Changes Everywhere

Like I said yesterday . . .

Change.  It would do you good.

Now, I wasn't talking about big changes.  Just little changes.  
(And I'm not just talking about a new air conditioner.  Although there is that, too.)

Like . . . we've been digging up whole garden beds at home and renovating them.


And Tom got new glasses.
(Two pair, actually.)  (Costco is a great place to go for new frames.  Just in case you're in the market.  Quick, great prices, good service.  So much less spendy than at our opthalmologist's office.)


The weather certainly has changed!  Last week?  Super hot.  This week?  Super cool.  (So cool that I'm currently wearing two sweatshirts with a shawl.)  (Fashion forward, that's me.)


But probably the best change for me right now . . . is a change in location.


We're up north this week - and it's so nice!  Quiet.  Slow.  Relaxed.


Little changes everywhere . . . add up to big changes in your heart and soul.


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Enjoy my friend! I'll be heading to NH for a little soul service myself on Thursday. xo


Ha! Up North - it's no wonder you are wearing two sweatshirts plus a shawl! I've used the heat in my car both days driving to work. Maybe this is the Spring we never got?

Sweet changes for you my friend. Enjoy your time away. I know that water must still be icy cold, but it sure looks inviting.


Enjoy your time up north, it looks so nice! We're having a bit of a break from the heat, so I'm spending as much time as possible outdoors!

kim in oregon

I love those shoes!


Well, you didn’t need to send the hot weather here lol. Since we’re not going to a lake, we’re hiding out in a nice cool movie theater this afternoon.

P.S. Those shoes really rock!


I'm so glad you and Tom are away together Up North! All those summer people shouldn't be there and I bet it's nice and quiet and secluded. Sounds heavenly!


Yay for slow, relaxed, and QUIET!! Have a great week.


Perfection! Have an amazing week! XO


sounds wonderful. all of it. have a ball this week!! and thanks for the Costco tip about glasses - sadly, I am in need...

Janice Harrell

Oh, you are making me so homesick! Miss the water and the weather up north in MI. Here in TN it's heat and bugs, and more heat.


Your changes are all perfect for the summer season. You've been wanting to change your garden beds for some time and knowing you you've got a plan for how the changes should go. I like watching your garden grow. Work, play, relax, stay warm! (I love Costco for glasses, too!)

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