Sometimes Monday
One Week . . .

Keeping Things Zen

I'm trying to keep my cool this week.  To stay focused.  Practice mindfulness.  Keep it . . . Zen.


The downside to spending so much time up north is, of course, catching up with All The Things when you're at home again.  
So this week is full of appointments and meetings.  
While prepping for a big party on Friday.  
An outdoor party in the garden.
With rain in the forecast. 
Which means activating Plan B prep.  Just in case.

Zen.  I need to keep it Zen.

Because everything will work out.
And life is good.



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I love that statue! I am certain that whether its Plan A or B, it will be wonderful! XO


What will be, will be for sure...and weather (of course) you have no control over. I bet it all works out just fine. Is this a Solstice party?


Breathe, focus, and enjoy!


Yes, it will all work out...plan A or B and everyone will have a good time!


Best wishes for a beneficial change in the weather forecast, but whether A or B... it's a PARTY!!


Everything works out especially when one is prepared with a Plan B. Keep is simple and relax. It will be fun NO MATTER WHAT!


I'll be in your state Thursday through Sunday helping to care for my friend in Grass Lake that just had surgery. I saw that forecast! I'll shoot you a note. xo


The weather forecast is such a crap shoot when it comes to outdoor parties! You can do this, though, because you've got grace, style and class and it will be fabulous no matter the weather or location!


It's all about having the right mindset. (wine helps, too!)


Part of zen is being prepared (I think ;-))...I’m sure you’ll get it all together with time to spare! Yeah!


Breathe in and out. All will be well. I am sure your party will be lovely - however it turns out.

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