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Just a Bit of Messing Around

Earlier this month, I had a notion to make myself an Alabama Chanin tunic.  Just plain-vanilla.  A single-layer black tunic using the Factory Dress pattern.


It was my first project using Natalie Chanin's new book, The Geometry of Hand-Sewing, and the Really Useful Stitching Cards that come with it.  (Those white dots you can see on my edging above?  I used a chalk pencil to mark my binding strips so I could make uniform stitches.  The dots will wash off, leaving near-perfect stitches that make me look like a better hand-stitcher than I actually am.  Highly recommend.)


I finished the tunic in record time -- but decided I wanted to mess around a bit with those Really Useful Stitching Cards and some beads. 

So I marked up the front edge of my tunic . . . 


dumped out a bunch of beads . . . 


and started messing around.

The trick here is . . . moderation, mixed with a bit of random.  I'm working slowly, just a little at a time.  I want to be sure I strike the right balance of bling here -- nothing too uniform, and nothing overdone.

So far, I like it . . . 


this particular kind of messing around!

What are you working on this week?


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OMG - that is just so cute! I love it. I guess I need to look into her book and those cards - they look like a lot of fun and everything I hear about her patterns/instructions/etc. is top rated.

You're doing a beautiful job on this - enjoy the process!


So cool! Plus it looks like fun. :-)


Too cute!! I love the randomness of your bead placement!


LOVING THAT!!! Serious love. I need to get stitching (and beading)!!


It looks like fun. We want to see you modeling it next!


I have no words! The tunic looks amazing with your beadwork! The whole tunic is done by hand? Back in the day I made my clothing and made a number of dresses for my girls when they were little. My machine functions for mending but I wouldn’t attempt clothing. Hand sewing sounds intriguing.


I like your messing around. I am working on some embroidered quilt squares for a Christmas quilt for the next grandchild. One block at a time but they are good summer work. My knitting has consisted of un-knitting this week. Eventually I'll find a new knitting project that works.


How fun! Both to do, and for how wonderful it looks!


Restraint (not too much) yet liveliness. Your design seems to have hit the nail on the head, Kym!


I love, love, love this! I would like to get back to my AC project, but beads and puppies aren't a good mix. Summer has me out and about more than usual, too. BUT, the fresh look of your flowers power is enticing and fun! You've sparked new ideas for my own project.


okay - I have had ZERO ambition to jump on the Natalie Chanin bandwagon ... until I saw this post - whoa - that looks like fun ... and the results are really stunning!!


I so admire your "plain" tunic! You've absolutely got the right balance between lovely enhancement, moderation, and random, plus it looks like great fun!


What a perfectly delightful garment you have created!


I have that book...and a project from it is on my "someday maybe" list... maybe sooner than later! Love what you're doing! Enjoy!

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