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How Hot Is It???

As I mentioned earlier this week, we've had this sudden and unwelcome heat wave for the last several days here in my corner of the world.  Super hot and really muggy for this time of year.  For days.

Although neither Tom or I are fans of air conditioning (much preferring open windows and fresh air), we were mighty glad to have it last Friday.  We turned it on, held our breath for a minute or two (because our air conditioning is a bit . . . temperamental), and celebrated when the cool air flowed from the vents in our house.

Until it didn't.

Over the weekend, the air went from cold . . . to cool . . . to cool-ish.  And the temperature outside kept rising.

It was then we noticed all the water in the basement.  (Did you know that a broken air conditioner coil coupled with a refrigerant leak makes for the creation of an ice block in your vent system?)  (We do now.)

So. . . 


We're now in line for a new air conditioning system.  To be installed next week.  (Yeah.  Next week when the temperatures are back in the 60s and low 70s.)  (Because of course.)

Tom has been up north this week, setting up the docks and getting the pontoon back in the water.  (Also fishing.  A lot.)  I stayed home.  Because the air conditioner needed to be dealt with.  (And someone had to do it.)

I made a conscious decision to . . . adjust my attitude and Make the Best of Things.  To not complain.  (Except to Tom.  Because he's up north.  Fishing.)  (And I am trapped in a hot, stuffy house with two panting dogs.)  (Just sayin.)  To get through this with grace and dignity.  To not yell at repair people who can't repair.  Or at my "Comfort Consultant" (that's his job title) (I'm not even kidding) who is giving me so many options for new air conditioning units (when I just want one that works).

And you know what?  I've done okay with it.

  • I've created "cool spots" for myself in the house, and I just hang out there.
  • I'm drinking lots of water.
  • I'm avoiding housework.  (Like I need an excuse for that. . . )
  • I'm grateful for our many ceiling fans.
  • And our old oscillating fan.  (The one with residual blue Silly String remnants from one of Brian's youthful "experiments.")  (Oh, man.  The mess that made. . . )

I consider myself pretty lucky for the most part.  I mean . . . I live in a house with central air conditioning, and I can afford to replace it when it needs to be replaced.  It doesn't get much better than that, you know?

So . . . how hot is it?  Really damn hot, thankyouverymuch.

But it's cooling down outside this weekend.

And I'm just fine.  Almost comfortable, even.

Have a great weekend!  (Stay cool.)



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Comfort consultant. Wouldn't that be the person at the wine store? :-) Here's to all the things improving and a nice weekend ahead my friend! xoxo


Central air? What's that? Says the woman who lives in the antique house. We do have window units, though, and I really depend on that for good sleep in the hot weather. We realized after we planted the window boxes, though, that we've eliminated the only possibility for a window unit in the living/dining area. Whoops!


I've been thinking a lot about central air and how it changes things. That might sound silly, but we don't have it in this old house in NJ, but every single place that we've looked at in DE does. Even places with leaky roofs and failing septic systems still have central air. I tend to adjust my life in this house in the summer like you have - taking advantage of shade on the porch, lots of ice water, salads for dinner, and very little housework. Of course, now I also want to conduct my own Silly String experiment with the kitchen fan! Maybe your comfort consultant could come over to fan you and feed you chilled, peeled grapes until your new a unit is installed!


Hoping you are cooler now. It has cooled a bit here (though still very, very muggy) and our window units are now in. Yay!

Comfort Consultant -- I like that!

Happy weekend!


First, I feel your pain. Your post reminded me of summers without AC. At grandparents’ house, the only respite was “living in the basement”. That worked with the exception of sleeping. Those old fans are great when nothing else is working. Hope your weekend is cooler!

Janice Harrell

Born and raised near your "Up north" area . Remember, in most years, the last 2 weeks of May were in the 90's, or higher. Miserable, especially with no A/C!!

I think Michigan wants to warm up quickly after winter, which accounts for the 2 week heat wave. It then will settle down to a reasonable temperature for summer. (Oh, how I miss those summers, especially by the lakes!!))


Oy... I am sympathy sweating with you. And, Sherman is most concerned for those J-Pups!! May the AC gods install the most incredible unit known to man (at least for right now!) and install that baby, post haste!!

This early stint of hot, muggy August-like weather has not at all been appreciated!


Oh.My. this Georgia girl has trouble even imagining life without air conditioning. I sure hope you get it back soon ... and before your graceful approach to heat and humidity wears too thin to keep you cool! (and I need a little more explanation about just how Tom managed to be Up North for this?!)


I once slept half in and half out of my apartment doorway to take advantage of the cool cement floor in the hallway. I was young and it was a very safe neighborhood.:).


We are living in opposite worlds! We still have mornings when the heat is necessary! I closed the windows this morning as it was just a tad chilly. I hope the air has cooled and you're more comfortable. We have a new coil, but will keep the old a/c unit going as long as it will. We use it rarely (no humidity) anyway. Sounds like you know how to keep yourself cool and pups usually know how to respond to excess heat by finding cool comfy spots to veg. xo

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