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In a couple of hours, we'll be packing up and heading home.  I'm beginning to switch gears . . . starting to think about what's waiting for me at home instead of what I'm going to read down on the dock this afternoon.  Bittersweet, but I'll be back in a couple of weeks.

The dogs make the transition between "home" and "lake" without much trouble.  Jenny can always sense that we're "on the move" and she gets a little clingy when we're packing.  JoJo is clueless about all that, but she still has trouble in the car and needs to take carsick meds.  They much prefer being "settled" in one location or the other, but they pretty much roll with it all.

Here are three things they love to do up north that they are not able to do back home:


1 -- Fish

Jenny loves to watch the fish -- either in the water on her own or when she goes fishing with Tom on the lake.  She pays close attention to the water at all times, and is very aware of the sound fish make as they rise in the water.  When she fishes with Tom, she can tell if he's caught one by watching his line.  She is intrigued with all things fish-related.


2 - Swim

JoJo much prefers swimming to fishing.  (In fact, I don't think she's ever noticed that there ARE fish in the lake.)  Jenny used to swim a lot more, but she is getting old now and tires quickly.  JoJo, on the other hand, swims like a little motorboat and loves to retrieve whatever we throw for her in the water.


3 -- Boat

Both dogs LOVE to ride in the pontoon.  They love sniffing the air and feeling the lake breeze as we cruise around the lake.  They get very excited when they see loons on the water or turtles sunning themselves on docks -- and they especially like to greet other lake-dogs that they may see on land or in other boats (singing the song of their people, y'know . . . as dogs do).

We all have a great time up north. . . dog and human alike.


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Also -- thanks for all your good wishes on the Ravelry thing.  Let me tell you  . . . that was a big surprise!  



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Booney would love hanging around up north wit the J-pups! Great pictures Kym!


I love this post! Just makes me smile from my head to my toes...and miss my poochies from decades ago!
Safe travels home!


You have the best dogs and I love seeing them enjoying Up North!


Aw. This is sweet!! Yay pups!


I'm glad they enjoy it so much!


Those pups! I want their life! XO


What a fun ToT, Kym! I always enjoy seeing what the J-pups are up to :-)


Oh, dog. To have a dogs life. They live very well and we can learn a lot about their "just go with it" attitude. I love Jenny's attention to all things fish. That's how to go with the flow of aging.


Our dog Bear, may she rest in peace, apparently had some Newfie and Lab in her along with her more arctic genes, because she had webbed feet. Just like JoJo, she too loved to swim, and if anyone in the water got tired they could grab her tail and she would tow them back to shore. She used to like to stand in the shallow water next to the shore and shake, but I'm not sure she was aware of the fish.

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