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Another Friday Fish Wrap


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Janice Harrell

My daughter is currently on vacation in MI, and between all the pictures she is posting on FB, and yours from the cottage, I am getting Michigan overload. But it's all good!

I am so tempted to move back but I don't think I could handle the winters anymore.


Sooooooooooooo inviting!!


That's a slice of heaven for sure! Enjoy.


Oh, that's a lovely walk. I'm not sure I'm going to get my northwoods/lake fix this summer!


Thanks for sharing this slice of heaven—wish I was there.


This is a lovely reward for the cold brutality of winter in MI! I love the dappled sunshine, verdant moss, and the cool relaxation and refreshment of the lake. Thank you for sharing!


That was such a nice walk to take with my coffee this morning on the first day of my vacation. And I didn't even know I was going to the lake! I love the movement from filtered light to opening expanse. Beautiful.


So envious! And, so inviting!


Ahh indeed. Thanks for the vicarious trip to the lake. Enjoy.


You have an amazing get away and it's wonderful you can get away and enjoy it so often!


Michigan is a beautiful state. We have driven it from top to bottom including Sault Ste. Marie, Detroit, Lake Huron, Holland, Ann Arbor, -and many places in between. Too bad the bad winter weather and the economic downturn has put people off this wonderful state. Your pictures have reminded me of the beautiful scenes I remember from my childhood vacation drives -- when the roads were the best-maintained in America.


Our weather in Southern New England will be driving many of us to the beach. The sand and the cooling waters of Long Island Sound will certainly provide relief but oh the coolness of the woods and lakes hidden within cannot be ignored. I cherish the trees around my house as they will provide some cooling during this heat wave. Enjoy!


That's a great walk! And a great vision to take with me through this work day...year end! I know you understand what that means! xoxo


On my next walk, don't be surprised if you see me there . Lovely and thank you!


ahhhh.... indeed. and I hope you need a sweater because it's just that little bit chilly :-)

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