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A Dose of Reality

I share my anticipation and excitement at returning to our cottage "up north" for the summer season with you each year.  And I show you photos of our little lake . . . and cozy bonfires . . . and happy dogs swimming.   And it all looks wonderful.  

And it is all of that.

But there is . . . an underbelly, too.  Y'know?  The parts I don't share.  (Because it's not all fun and games up here.)  (At least, not all the time.)

Here's a dose of Up North Reality for you, Three-on-Thursday syle:


1 -- It's a house.  A second house.  That we own.  And must maintain.  So while we may be dealing with . . . say, a broken air conditioner at House #1, we are also dealing with things . . . say, a roof that needs replacing (or severe woodpecker damage to the cedar siding) at House #2.  

In other words, we don't get a vacation from home maintenance just because we go "up north" for the season.  In fact, it doubles.


2 -- It feels like going on vacation.  But we are not on vacation.  Because there are chores to do and toilets to scrub and dinners to plan and laundry to do and wood to chop.  Just like when we are at home.  Because we are at home.  Just a bit further north.  (Although Tom would be quick to point out that he doesn't do much "lumberjacking" at home.)  

In other words, there is no maid service. 


3 -- Although we've built a pretty solid "inventory" of necessities at our cottage (dishes, glassware, cookware, cleaning supplies, tools, etc.), there are always things we need to drag between houses (reading material, computers, stitching projects, etc.).  It really can't be any other way -  because there are things we're currently working on or dealing with that are time-sensitive that we need to cart back and forth.  Which does make it feel kind of like packing-for-a-vacation each time we travel up.

In other words, it's really a drag when you pull out your latest Alabama Chanin project to stitch -- but realize you forgot to bring your needles.  (Gah!)


So, yeah.  It's pretty great up here -- and I love it!  I am grateful for this space.  I am so very fortunate to be able to get away and come "up north" whenever I want to.  (I'm lucky.  Oh so lucky.  And I know this.)  I appreciate my time up here.

But I don't want you to think that I just hang out on the dock all day, watching the eagles and the loons and the cranes while I sip wine and read books.  

I mean . . . I DO that.  But between those idyllic, peaceful, down-times you'll find me scrubbing last year's spider webs and wood-detritus from my window sills, changing the bedding, facing down last night's dirty dishes, and lamenting the fact that I could be stitching (but forgot my needles).

Like most things in life, the good far outweighs the bad.  But sometimes . . . reality bites.


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OH MAN!!!! We've been only very slightly tempted to consider a "second home" a few times -- never even to the point of actually looking! I'm grateful to have a few relatives willing to share theirs from time to time. :)


Hmmm! Our time share has the advantage of maintenance done for us and the disadvantage of not being able to go whenever we want.

P.S. Leave some needles at the cottage!


Thanks for sharing a little dose of reality. I have to think though (and I've been there so I know I'm right) that doing those mundane chores are just that much better when you can hear a loon call . . . or walk down to the dock to have lunch . . . or relax at the end of the day with a campfire. :-)


That has got to be the cutest cottage ever! I love it! And, you WON it? I hope you tell that story some day (or, perhaps you already have prior to my reading your blog). I remember staying at a camp (same as cottage) on a lake in VT every summer. It was owned by a friend of my Mom and we were often the first ones to use it each season and...it often fell to us to do much of the cleaning (picture a mouse nest IN the oven - Oy!). And yes, we played in the lake and took hikes, but my Mom cooked dinner (and breakfast and lunch) each day and clean up was necessary, etc., etc. So I know what you mean about reality biting. Still...just the change of scenery has got to be a huge plus and away from people (a HUGE plus for moi), etc., etc. I agree - you need to keep some needles (scissors, pins, etc.) at your cottage!


...and all of that is why we are committed single-home folks. Honestly, we have a hard enough time keeping up with one house that the thought of two is overwhelming. Not to say I don't sometimes wish for a change of scenery - and a dock on a lake and cool mornings/evenings sound (and look!) heavenly!


I love this "dose of reality" post... because, well... in all things reality always rears its ugly head!

However, that was all well and good until I got to the forgotten needles, and well... I say this requires an immediate trip to the nearest Ye Old Fabrique Shoppe, post haste!


Dang - sorry about the needles. Do you have any company coming that could bring you some stitching supplies? Reality is always with us, isn't it?


Still . . . it looks so tempting.
But . . . been there, done that.
Though . . . cooler weather is so nice in the hot summer.
Well . . . One can wish, can’t one?


There is always the flip side to every dream, but a getaway surrounded by nature is pretty sweet. . A change of scenery, and one especially beautiful and calming, would be worth whatever reality you're dealing with, but still. If only we had a magic wand to deal with all.the.stuff. One can live without sewing needles for a week, but it would be maddening, nonetheless.


As I sit here in our lovely, old, somewhat charming Maine house, I couldn’t agree with this post more! Maintenance on and older second home can be a bear. We had a chimney leak which resulting in plaster falling inside the house. Home owners will cover it but.... we are near the ocean in a sweet little village but.... shopping for household products is relegated to Walmart. So I haul things from home or drive 45 minutes to the nearest Target. I do have several yarn shops around though still a 45 minute drive. The price of peace and quiet!

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