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18 in 2018: A Mid-Year Update

A couple of weeks ago, on their Happier podcast, Gretchen and Elizabeth checked in on their 18 in 2018 lists for the year.  It was interesting to hear how they're progressing, and what they've learned about their lists so far in 2018. 

You might remember that I created one of these lists for myself back in January.  I actually refer to my list at least once a month, just to see how I'm doing and to remind myself what I was hoping to accomplish this year.  


I thought it might be a good exercise for me to join Gretchen and Elizabeth with a little update of my own!  Here goes:

  1. Remove wallpaper and paint the dining room.  DONE.  (And I am over the moon with the result!)  (And, mostly, I am thrilled that I can finally remove this item from every list of goals I've made since 2003.)
  2. Plant 3 trees in the garden.  HAVEN'T STARTED YET.  (But very much planning to do; most likely in the fall.)  (Which is a very good time to plant trees, by the way.)
  3. Establish a workable daily structure and morning routine.  ACTIVELY WORKING TOWARD.  (Although I have made progress, I'm still working on the "daily" part of things.)  (I'm thinking this might be ongoing for the rest of time, actually.  Because things change all the time, and any "daily structure" needs to be flexible above all else.)
  4. Organize a "system" for photo review and storage.  ACTIVELY WORKING TOWARD.  (I have worked out a pretty good "system" for myself, but it's one of those things that is hard for me to keep up with.  )
  5. Create a wedding album for each kid.  HAVEN'T STARTED YET.  (But very much planning to complete before the end of the year.)
  6. Replace everyday dishes.  DONE.  (I got simple white dishes that look good, and are inexpensive and easy to replace as needed.)
  7. Digital re-organization complete (documents, Evernote, inbox).  ACTIVELY WORKING TOWARD.  (I have completed re-organizing my computer documents and inbox, and now I'm chipping away at my Evernote files.  I fully intend to complete this over the summer.)
  8. Do the Cooking Light 3-Day Detox.  DONE.  (And I'm thinking of doing it again.)
  9. Get Tom's website LIVE.  DONE.  (And damn proud.)  (Want to see for yourself?  Click here.)
  10. Plan trips to visit kids in CA and CO.  HAVEN'T STARTED YET.  (Will plan these trips soon, though.)
  11. Complete "Month of Letters" and maximize Postcrossing.  DONE.  (Easy-peasy -- and fun.)
  12. See all the Oscar-nominated movies.  DONE.  (And can't wait to do it again for 2019!)
  13. Hit monthly Apple Watch challenge at least 9 times.  NOT DOING/REMOVING FROM LIST.  (I was trying to include a fitness challenge for myself, but doing the random Apple Watch challenges is not an effective way for me to meet that kind of goal.  At all.)  (I've actually put a lot of thought into this -- so watch for a future blog post about . . . counting what counts . . . soon.)
  14. Finalize estate plan (wills, etc.).  DONE.  (This one feels so . . . adult.)
  15. Lunch or coffee date with a friend at least 1 time per month.  ACTIVELY WORKING TOWARD.  (This goal is fun and easy, and I'll definitely complete it by the end of the year.)   (I included it because I wanted to be very intentional about keeping in touch with local friends on the regular  -- and having this goal encourages me to take action and set things up, rather than waiting for things to emerge "organically.")
  16. Create and send monthly surprise packages to the kids.  ACTIVELY WORKING TOWARD.  (I've always been a care-package-kind-of-mom, and now that my kids are grown up and married, I see no need to stop.  I enjoy putting together little surprises for them each month, and will have no trouble completing this goal by the end of the year.)
  17. Create new path in back garden and move "puddle pond."  DONE.  (Although we didn't move the "puddle pond.")  (Originally, I thought we'd need to move the tiny pond in order to create the new path, but in the end, we didn't need to.  BONUS.)
  18. Plan/take a weekend trip to Chicago with Tom.  DONE.  (And - another BONUS - my sister came with us!)

So, out of my original 18 in 2018 goals . . . 

  • I have completed 9 items.
  • I am actively working on 5 items.
  • I haven't started (but plan to complete) 3 items.
  • And I have removed one item altogether (because it was poorly crafted from the get-go).

Not bad!  

How about you?  Did you make an 18 in 2018 list?  And, if you did, how are YOU doing?


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kim in oregon

Wow, that's impressive. #13 reminds me not to value what we measure, but measure what we value.


Nice AND impressive! Good for you. I did not make an 18 in 2018 list...I tend to thwart myself when I go about things in that manner - lol. (Kind of like "don't tell me what to do!") I do love how varied your list is and how so many things are for you (and Tom) and can bring such happiness (dining room, new dishes, garden things) and how some things are for others (surprises for the kids - love that!!). A nice mix of things. Finally - very nice website for Tom! Congratulations - you should be proud!!


Nice update!! And, nice website for Tom! Well done!


Mice job on the website Kym! I started a list after you posted yours (because I thought i was a great idea)...came up with 5 items...haven't done any of them!'s only June! xoxo


Excellent and thank you for the mid year check in! Dale and I did a list together and we're doing pretty well. We aren't so good with the goal of walking together but we've been doing well with things like watching a classic movie once/month, trying new restaurants, traveling somewhere new, and (thanks mostly to you!) creating curb appeal out front!


Good work! I think I need to do something like this for next year, it's a good idea, and I do love lists.

I had to laugh at your comment about checking of the dining room re-do after so many years - I have too many projects in that category ...


AWESOME!! That is so great, Kym, and probably the best thing is removing the item that is a burden... with thought and planning. Looking forward to hearing about it.

I have NEVER been a care-package mom... it's hard to keep up with their current addresses at any given time. Haha. Yeah, that's it...


This is awesome, Kym! I didn't end up making a year-long list, but I do set monthly goals (and have had somewhat mixed results so far). Tom's website looks great (and you will have NO trouble migrating your blog to Wordpress. none!)


I made a list but almost nothing has been done because plans on the list morphed into OTHER things. Such as, instead of new carpet, we're getting new dog. I could list a few more items that are now on the never or maybe someday list once again. LOL


Super list and Congrats for all the progress you’re making/have made! I misssed the initial podcast - so, my “list” begins next month - hoping I can do/ focus on 3 things each month for the next 6 months...we’ll least, get started. Interesting that some of your items are on my list too...great web site for Steve!
Carry on and


Great list. My husband calls his list the “bucket” list, but considers it his daily list. To me the bucket one is for the rest of your life. But, in general we do make lists for future items, projects, travel and gradually do them, though sometimes I resist “having to do” them, I like an option of thinking it over and being more flexible. Though, then again, I am a list maker.
The one item you had #8 is also one of ours, it is a great way to renew or readjust or just change-up the regular ‘ole meals, and call it “detox” - and be mindful of simpler, low calorie, and healthy replacements. Every time we are so aware of our body, it is a great feeling.
So, do carry on as some parts of your list, are our lists.


Good for you! I am impressed with your purposefulness. Thinking I might want to do a similar list for the rest of 2018...

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