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Tales from the Garden . . . x 3

At this time of year, my garden is exploding everywhere -- and I am always racing to keep up with it.  (It's my own personal Whack-a-Mole game out there.)  

Sometimes it feels like Major Overwhelm.   Then I need to talk to myself and remind myself that . . . 

I love to garden.

This is the way gardening works.

I couldn't wait to get out there again when it was never-ending winter.

Just. Dig. In.

And so it goes.  


Here are three little tales from my garden this week.

1 - Earth Moving


This little garden bed near our back patio had gotten WAY overgrown in the last few years.  The old path was pretty much inaccessible.  Too many plants growing too well . . .   So.  We battled the heat over the weekend (near 100 degrees F every day) to dig out plants, level the ground, and re-set the path.  (JoJo is happy to demonstrate that even the dogs appreciate an easy-to-walk pathway through the garden.)

I have more work to do out there -- a bit more thinning-out and some planting-in.  We placed three big rocks in the newly-opened area to remind me NOT to overplant.  I'm happy with the new path -- and I want to keep it open and functional.  

2 - Resilience in Action


One day early last summer, I stopped at Lowe's for . . . something (but not a plant).  I entered the store through the nursery department (as one does), and a couple of lovely, blooming, Asian lilies caught my eye.  (It was their stunning orange blooms.  They get me every time.)

On impulse, I bought 'em.

But once I had them at home, I couldn't figure out where I wanted to put them.

So they hung out on my patio - in their original plant containers - all summer.  I took care of them, of course.  I kept them watered and sheltered while I tried to figure out just where they might fit in my garden.  But, by fall, I realized they were going to have to overwinter on their own, still in their little pots -- and I was completely prepared to just let them go.

The photo above?  The same lilies (in the same pots) today.  Resilient little suckers, non?

(I'm still looking for a place to put them.)

3 - Over Too Soon


I love my allium blooms . . . hovering there each spring over the newly-unfurled hostas in my garden.  It always looks so magical.  And it did this year, too.  For like . . . one day!  I didn't even get a picture this year . . . 

You see, allium are spring blooms.  They like gently-warming days.  You know . . . the kind you usually get in, oh . . say, late May?  Cool nights, warming days.  That kind of thing.  And the blooms will last for weeks under those conditions.

This year?  We went from mid-50s to upper-90s in the same week!  Those allium?  Super confused.  From bloom-to-done in a couple of days this year.

(I'm tempted to spray paint them.  I've seen that done on many a garden tour . . . )  (But I probably won't.)


And now?  I'm headed out for some early morning weeding.  (It's the only way when it's This Hot.)

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Your garden is such and inspiration! AND... go Lilies!! They need a spot for sure with that determination!


I agree with everything you write: always moving earth in a garden, the resilience of plants even though we don’t plant them when we should, and spring lasting shorter than we when want it to - but, oh don’t ya just love this time to get out there and feel the wind, and sunshine, and the occasional storm a’coming. And definitely in the morning!


Right now the weeds in my beds are way out of control and all I can do is plug away at it during the cooler parts of the day. I love lilies and those are real troopers!


Your path is lovely! I haven't yet mastered the happy medium between too sparse and overgrown, but I think you've done it beautifully. Alliums are wonderful in bloom, but there's also something intriguing about the seed heads. Last year the leeks my SiL was growing in her veg garden blossomed, and it was a fun surprise. She said she should have expected it since they're in the same family, but she had never had it happen before.


I love your path and gardens. It looks like such a lovely place to just sit and contemplate. Yay for the lilies!!


Our garden is wall to wall weeds except for a lovely rhubarb plant. We had a lovely pie on Sunday lol. I admire your weed diligence!


Those lilies could be your on-the-patio-plants! I'm guessing they will survive almost anything! And Kym that path is tip-top! xo


I love you new garden path! Our temps and conditions have been ideal for blooming trees and shrubs, everything seems to have lasted longer this year. Bummer about your alliums.


Hard to believe you've reached 100 already! We've only hit 90 once and it was a one day thing. It's been cool and rainy all spring. Love the way your pathway looks and hope you find a good place to put the everlasting lilies.


Thankful as always for the photos #vicariousgardener ... and most intrigued to learn that REAL gardeners might use spray paint??!!


Oh, man, I missed my allium this year, too. One of my favorites! We had that awful, brutal, hot & humid weather here, too, and then I followed it to NYC (where it was even WORSE!). Yuck. I had a resilient asian lily one year -- overwintered/frozen in a crock (because I forgot about it) -- it made me so happy to see it grow.

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