Friday Fish Wrap
Focus: A Mid-Year Update

Sometimes Mondays

. . . look like rain.


But that's just fine by me!

It's so good for my thirsty, growing garden.

And wet soil makes it much easier to pull weeds.

And it gives me a perfect excuse to run around in my chicken boots.

"The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain."
                    --- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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Love those boots!


We had that yesterday and it is grey and dreary here today (yawn), but the garden is growing like CRAZY!! Fletch is picking lettuce and spinach for a salad tonight!!

I do love your boots.


We went from too much to not enough so I will have to get out the hose today. Cute boots


We had over an inch of rain for our parched garden. It was wonderful, but even more so now that the sky is clearing!


We got some much needed rain as well! I am heading out shortly to pull a few weeds myself! Happy Monday!


We've gone from a cool spring right into summer, 90 degrees and humid yesterday, today and most of this week. I'm still working on planting my garden and don't like working on it in this weather!


Maybe that's why I don't enjoy weeding: I don't have chicken boots! I may need to remedy that. Happy Gardening to you!


Your boots are adorable! We have an unsettled week of weather headed our way but it's good for the plants.


Those boots always make me smile! as does that quotation - happy Monday!


I love pulling weeds from wet ground! Have a wonderful day Kym! xo


Those boots are amazing! Happy rainy Monday.


The boots add some sunshine to a rainy day!


Luv! Luv! the boots...and could certainly use some these days. And perhaps a matching umbrella?
Weed on!

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