Focus: A Mid-Year Update

Sewing. So Much Faster Than Knitting.

I'm, basically, a tunic-and-leggings kind of gal.  It's what I wear about 90% of the time.  Often with some sort of sweater thrown over the top.  So when I first heard about the Knit & Sew Uniform book (published by Madder), I got myself on the pre-order list right away!

A variations-on-a-theme book of patterns for tunics (the "sew" part of the Uniform) and cardigans (the "knit" part of the Uniform), the whole concept is really perfect for me.

I whipped up a tunic for myself over the weekend.  


I opted for the tunic version with pockets, no sleeves, and the rounded neckline.


I pretty much love it.  (Although I have a few issues with the placement of the darts.  And from what I see from photos of other finished Uniform tunics, this is pretty typical. They're just . . . too high.)

The size options are good.  The directions are very clear.  The sewing is straightforward.


I gave myself contrasting pocket linings.  Mostly because I like pops of color -- and a "surprise inside."  But also because I wanted to cut down on the bulk of fabric over my middle section (ahem).  (Because who wants four layers of heavy-ish linen over their middle section?)  So I used a lightweight cotton print for the pocket linings.


I also used the cotton for the armhole bias facings.  Again, pop of color.  AND it really cut down on the bulk around the armholes.


I'll probably make another tunic, as I really want to try the split-hem variation.  But I'm going to have to think about those darts for awhile first.  (It's such a pain to move darts.)

One thing is certain -- don't expect to see a completed knit Uniform cardigan around here anytime soon.  Someday, sure.  But not this summer.  

(Sewing.  So much faster than knitting. . . )



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Oh, wow, I love those pops of color!! And what great reasoning. I can't remember the last time I sewed something for myself that had darts -- and I know I never "moved" them. Hm. I do have a few tailoring-ish classes in my Craftsy library, though, and I'm pretty sure that's addressed. Now all I need is some time. Ha.


Thank you for the warning on the darts. Now what do I do? I'm loath to begin with a dart issue in the mix. I love the split hem, which is the main reason I wanted to sew this project. I think I'll sit back and do more research on how to address the dart problem. LOVE the color and your choice for the pocket. Great idea to add a contrast, too!


I love those pops of color! I'm intrigued by the tunics, yours in really nice. I wonder if a just beyond beginner could handle it? What do you think? xoxo

Cheryl S.

It's so cute!

I would love to make stuff like that, but I hate sewing. Big seams are fine, but I hate the fiddly stuff like the bias bindings, zippers, etc. I totally did not inherit my mother's sewing genes.


Gorgeous, perfect, and I also love your pops of color! I am not much of a seamstress, but if/when anybody resolves the dart issue with an easy fix, this is definitely something I might even consider sewing!


Your tunic turned out so pretty - love, love, love the pops of color in various places. Darts...hmmmm...they have always seemed out of place on me. I actually can't remember any top that I bought (or made) recently that had darts. Would the pattern work just eliminating the darts? The length of this tunic looks perfect.


Yeah, same dart issue here... but I found this great little tutorial that showed a quick and easy way to fix that problem!

And, I LOVE the pops of color!!


That looks terrific but I agree that the darts are in a strange place. I bet you can figure out how to modify them for next time. The contrasting facings are a terrific modification, too!


The pops of color are such a great touch. And, the finished garment is very flattering — darts and all!


Enticing...looks lovely on you and ingenious solution to the


I have made both skirt versions but no pockets yet because I used pretty thin fabric. But I have a linen for a sleeveless version and I love the idea of contrasting pockets.


Your tunic looks great and I love the color pops!


I love this! (and Kat sent me that same dart tutorial ... it does look pretty easy.) I'll be sewing a couple of tunics myself just as soon as I get this blanket done :-) (and I'm hoping for two finished cardigans this summer to go with ... we'll see!)


Totally cool! I do not love to sew the fiddly parts which is a shame because there is where you take a pattern to the next level. Yours is really impressive.

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