Sometimes Life . . .

Pretty Much a Ferris Bueller Kind of Thing

Earlier this week, my sister and Tom and I headed to Chicago for a quick couple of days.  The weather was . . . not great.  But we had a great time . . . cramming as many activities into our hours in Chicago as we could.

There was deep dish pizza.


And a walk on Navy Pier.


There is a certain charm to seeing the city swamped in fog.  Even though it does cut down on the views!  (Usually, this vista from Navy Pier would feature the impressive Chicago skyline in the background.  You'll just have to imagine it, though.  Like we did.)


We visited The Bean between rainstorms.  (It never fails to charm.)  (The Bean.  Not the rainstorms.)


The next day was a dry -- but cold!  A great day to spend inside at the Art Institute.


And the weather cleared enough that we could take the Architectural Foundation River Cruise in the afternoon . . . 


before hitting the Purple Pig for dinner.


And then . . . 


which totally and absolutely lived up to its hype.  (In the words of Ferris Bueller . . . "It is so choice.")

It was a great couple of days -- a regular Ferris Bueller kind of thing!


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So fun. I was in Chicago a few years ago and enjoyed some of these same sites. We also stumbled on to an outdoor book sales that went on for blocks and blocks.


Sounds like a great time! And at least Chicago is doable for you guys occasionally so you didn't miss out on too much by not having great weather. I'm still tots jealous about Hamilton, though.


Oh YAY!! What a great few days!! I love The Purple Pig and hope you did, too!!
HAMILTON!! What a great show...
Happy Weekend, Kym!!


Very happy to hear your time in Chicago was fantastic! I'm envious of your Hamilton escapade and hope to hear more of your adventure!


This looks fantastic despite the weather. That pizza! And the sight of the Hamilton sign never fails to create excitement, and I know seeing the actual show was even better. Hope your weekend is wonderful, too!


Loved seeing Chicago again!


Ah, the Windy City is a big city! You all got in a lot of spots, and Hamilton, nice! We saw it last week and agreed, it lived up to its name. (Now I need to hear the words in the songs again, one misses so much when one has to watch too!)
I used to live in Wi so Chicago was just ho-hum, now it is a treasure to see it. I haven’t been to the Purple Pig, but . . . next time. Have you ever been to The Russian Tea Time restaurant? Very eclectic and the cilantro vodka is very much cilantro as it says it is, . . . well, 15 years ago it was when we were there.


I so love Chicago. And you have provided a impetus to get Mr. Retired Architect to take me there! You and your sister continue to have a great time!


Chicago is one of my favorite places in all the lands! How fun for you and I am suuuuper jelly about Hamilton!! XO


I haven't been to Chicago in (yikes! 10!?) years, but it's certainly one of my favorite cities. For some of the very reasons you listed! ...wonder when I'll get to see Hamilton!


I love Chicago and you are so-o lucky!!


That sounds like a lovely trip. And Hamilton - with your sis. Hooray.


So choice - indeed! Sounds like a wonderful time away. I hadn't seen the bean before - hysterical!


What a great few days! I am also a big fan of Chicago...and shopping Hamilton tickets for next winter...cuz you know there's a relatively important birthday coming! xoxo


Hamilton! En-Vi-Ous! Haven’t been to The Windy City in a too-long time - Norman’s home town! Glad you had so much fun!

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