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Now that my dining room is finished (you just can't belive how nice it is to type those words), I've got a few other projects going on. (For rainy days like today, y'know?)

1 - Some are ongoing.  


(And, yeah, I'm sparing you yet another photo of the still-not-finished-but-growing-in-the-expected-manner shawl.  But there is a pile of evidence that I'm making progress.)

2 - Some are just beginning.


(But promise to be pretty quick and easy to complete.)  (Although it looks funny in the light, the fabric is a nice chocolate brown linen.)

3 - Some are being resurrected.


(This is an Alabama Chanin swing skirt -- half finished.  I put it aside over a year ago because I really don't like the color.  It's called "denim," but really looks pretty purple.  Vicki suggested over-dying, so I've dragged it out again.) (I can also see that I learned a few tricks at the AC workshop last fall, so this old work looks kind of messy.  But, oh well.)

I've always got something going . . . to keep my hands busy.

How about YOU?  What kind of stuff are you makin' today?


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I thought maybe you were working on another project - collecting the scraps in the first photo for the birds who will soon be building nests! These are all great projects, especially if you overdye the skirt so you like the color. Today I might be makin' a decision on yet another house or two; it's time to go to DE again!


Fun things to be working on! Seeing your yarn pieces reminds me (as Bonny mentioned above) that I have a zip lock bag filled with them that I have intended to put out for the birds. I love that skirt and a chocolate brown linen tunic (guessing that's what you'll make) will be beautiful.


Over-dyeing the skirt sounds like a good plan, you put too many hours into that to have it be something you won't wear. I'm off today to get delivery on some stones for around the fire pit and I plan on starting A Walk in the Woods.


I put the blanket ends out for the birds but haven't seen any sign of them yet! I can't wait to see your tunic. If only there were more time in the day. I've got a baby blanket going for a babe due 6/5 who arrived Tuesday! He'll just have to wait a bit! xo


Ooo! That sewing! I am excited to see how that beautiful brown linen sews up! Here is to the summer of uniforms! XOXO


So much making!! I have an entire day blocked out next week to sew my first tunic. I do hope it's quick ... but I'm not counting on "easy" - at least for the first one!


I like that brown linen and can't wait to see how it sews up. I have some gray linen and I hope to get started this weekend on the Studio Apron from the Lines issue of Making.

Jeannie Gray

I like your purple denim skirt! Isn't it amazing when you return to an old project and you can visually see how your skills have improved? But most importantly, please! I need to know! What does that coffee cup say? :)


The tunic will be lovely (with the shawl!) in chocolate brown and you've invested so much time into the skirt you may as well wear it. Over dyeing is a great idea! How is it that I have so little time to knit, sew, paint, write, read or enjoy any other craft? I need to concentrate on one thing at a time to get anywhere.


This week has been one long Monday leaving me too weary to make anything but it’s friday so there is hope.


Lovely stitchin' project...My hands might be busier were I to get my brain to slow down! It's always on overdrive!


Purple might end up looking good on you. But if you don't like that color better to overdye. You will be staring at it a lot.


Oooh! Tunic with pockets or without?? I have that project floating around in my head.

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