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Hungry Dogs

As I write this blog post this morning, my dogs are looking at me with the mournful eyes.

For they are very hungry.

S-t-a-r-v-i-n-g, in fact.

And I am not feeding them.


Because this diva . . . 


is scheduled for some rather serious surgery in a couple of hours.  (Please send the good juju.  She is 11, and we'd like to keep her around a while longer.)

My hungry dogs remind me of this perfect Mary Oliver poem, from her Dog Songs book.

The Wicked Smile
by Mary Oliver

"Please, please, I think I haven't eaten
for days."

What?  Ricky, you had a huge supper.

"I did? My stomach doesn't remember.
Oh, I think I'm fading away.  Please
make me breakfast and I'll tell you 
something you don't know."

He ate rapidly.

Okay, I said  What were you going to
tell me?

He smiled the wicked smile.  "Before we
came over, Anne already gave me my breakfast,"
he said.

Be prepared.  A dog is adorable and noble.
A dog is true and loving friend.  A dog
is also a hedonist.


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Sending all the love and truckloads of good juju for that sweet pup. XOXO


will keep your darling pup in my thoughts today - and the vet looking out for him too - sharon


All good thoughts for Jenny headed your way. XOXO


Oh I really hope all will go well with your sweetie! I'm sending as much good as I have to send.

And I hope that someday you will FINALLY start feeding them ... ;-)


That is the perfect poem for dogs (and some humans)! I am sending lots of good juju along with many good health and healing thoughts to Jenny, along with plenty for JoJo and the whole pack.


I hope all goes well for your pup and that she has a good recovery. I love that poem!


Patty and Boone sending all the juju to Jenny! And that is such a great poem! xoxoxo

Cheryl S.

Sending good juju and healing wishes!

kim in oregon

Much puppy love from Comet and Pilot! I give my pups ice cubes when they can't eat and it doesn't fool them one bit. Ah well. At least I try.


Good mojo to Jenny today!! I hope she can eat something soon. ;)


So much love to you and Jenny today!!! May she soon be her strong and happy self. Mary always knows the right words whether nature or dog! lol


oh Jenny! I hope everything went well ... I'm sorry I didn't seen this in time to send the good juju before, but hopefully all went well. and Jenny and Jojo will forgive you soon :-) That Mary Oliver poem is indeed perfect for today .... she always gets it exactly right! Hugs!


Sending all good thoughts your way

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