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Happy Feet

There are so many things I'm happy about this week. . . 

  • Finally seeing some leaves popping out on the trees.
  • Sunshine . . . alternating with some good, soaking rains.
  • Fresh air and open windows.
  • Bird joy!
  • Flowers.

But you know what makes me really happy?


New red shoes!

I hope you all have plenty of opportunity to kick up your heels . . . or put your feet up . . . or BOTH . . .  this weekend.



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What fun! Love the color and they look like they would be great for walking. hope your weekend is filled with all good things.


I love your new Keen's!! Excellent! We have soaking rains forecast off and on all weekend and I am so looking forward to them! Have a great weekend!


Yay! Red shoes!! And leaves and sunshine and birds and fresh air and flowers!!
Have a great weekend, Kym!


Red and Keen - a great combination!


Love them! Have a wonderful weekend Kym! xoxo


Cute shoes! Hope you have a great weekend!


I have those shoes, and my only problem is the long ties - I can't get them to stay put, and they catch on stuff. I'll have to see what I can figure out this year.

Have a good weekend!


So cute... happy feet! I love mine.


Those are some great shoes! I got 3 new pairs of sneakers before Nashville, two from Keen and one from Taos and I'm loving them for this spring weather.


I love Keens, take them everywhere, with or without socks (which show off knitted socks very well).
Good springtime weekending to you!


I bought the same shoes this week (only in black) and I think they might be the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned! Keep dancing!


oh fun! I plan to be putting my feet UP ... just as soon as I take them for a walk :-)


I love my Keens , too, and that red just says happy! I also love that I can walk in streams, lakes, etc. with them and they dry quickly. Happy feet indeed!

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